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Monday, December 31, 2007

Full Contact: Playoff Rules / Set-up


C-01 – Playoff Team & Setup

bullet Playoffs will consist of the top six teams in the League.
bullet Each team is allowed to protect up to one starting team for the playoffs. Obviously, the players used must be from teams who have made the NFL playoffs.
bullet If a fantasy team does not have enough players to complete a starting team, then that team enters the playoffs with a short team.
bullet There is no additional drafting for Super Bowl playoff money.
bullet A starting team consists of one of the two options used during the regular season.
bullet Teams are permitted to change their playoff roster during the playoffs as long as your substitute’s team wins. IE; If you have a QB from division winner who gets a bye, and a wild card QB you are permitted to start your wild card QB and if the team wins the game, you are permitted to change to your division winning QB for the 2nd week of the playoffs. If you wild card QB team loses, then you lose the QB position for the remainder of the playoffs. Any questions on this ask Tom, Dan or Dave M.
bullet Trading of Playoff players is not allowed after the playoffs begin.

C-02 - Playoff Scoring

bullet Playoff Points Earned.

bullet Playoff scoring for individual players is the same as the system used during the regular season.
bullet Home Field Advantage - Based on Regular Season finish

bullet 1st Seed 18 pts

bullet 2nd Seed 15 pts

bullet 3rd Seed 12 pts

bullet 4th Seed 9 pts

bullet 5th Seed 6 pts

bullet 6th Seed 3 pts

C-03 - Determining the Playoff Victor

bullet Crowning a Champion

bullet Is the team with the most total points after adding his teams Playoff Points Earned plus Home Field Advantage points
bullet In the event of a tie, the order for the tiebreaker is:

bullet Most Playoff Points Earned, because champions play their best in January

bullet Regular Season Head-to-Head

bullet Most Points Earned in the Regular Season

bullet Coin Flip.

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