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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Quarterback Rankings | November 13, 2008



1. Drew Brees, NO | Age: 29.6 | Value Score: 99
Currently the best quarterback in the NFL?

2. Peyton Manning, IND | Age: 32.5 | Value Score: 98

3. Jay Cutler, DEN | Age: 25.3 | Value Score: 97
The most fun player to watch in the NFL? The one player with whom to start a franchise?

4. Tony Romo, DAL | Age: 28.4 | Value Score: 97
Maybe some short-term misery with the broken pinkie, but the Roy Williams trade will make it all worthwhile in the long run. Romo now has the best tight end in the league, two Top-20 wide receivers, and a dominant rushing game. He's set up for major success the next five seasons.


5. [#]Tom Brady, NE | Age: 31.1 | Value Score: 88
Wading through all of the muck and the mire, it sounds to me like Brady still has a chance to be ready to play by training camp. The infection is worrisome, but Brady's upside isn't worth giving up for any of the second tier guys.

6. #Ben Roethlisberger, PIT | Age: 26.5 | Value Score: 87
Holding onto the ball and waiting for a play to develop isn't a good match for this Steelers offensive line. He's going to killed back there.

7. Aaron Rodgers, GB | Age: 24.8 | Value Score: 86
He just keeps impressing more and more each week. May be injury prone, but you can take "soft" off the list of concerns for Favre's replacement. Rodgers has played in considerable pain and is still coming through with fantastic numbers.

8. Philip Rivers, SD | Age: 26.8 | Value Score: 85
LT2's struggles have been a boon for Rivers' value. He's gone over 300 yards or racked up at least 3 TDs in six of nine games so far.

9. Matt Ryan, ATL | Age: 23.3 | Value Score: 83
Best rookie QB since Dan Marino? Since Greg Cook? Schedule is easy down the stretch as well. As an aside, just picture Matt Ryan going down with a career-ending major shoulder injury during this week's game against the Broncos. Now you know how Bengals fans felt in 1969. What could have been. . . .

10. Kurt Warner, ARI | Age: 37.3 | Value Score: 81
Do you want the on-pace stats or the last 16 games stats? Warner is on pace for 4,900 yards and 33 TDs this season with a 70.0% completion rate. His last 16 games show similar stats except with a higher TD total. If you're running him out there every week, you have a winning team.

11. Donovan McNabb, PHI | Age: 31.7 | Value Score: 80
Still elite.


12. #Matt Schaub, HOU | Age: 27.2 | Value Score: 71
That's now three separate stints he's missed to injuries in his season and a half with the Texans. No doubt he can play, but there are still low rumblings of a QB controversy among the Houston media. Schaub has a huge 2010 bonus coming, so he's going to have to show health and reliability for the next year and a half. If he succeeds, stud status awaits him.

13. Eli Manning, NYG | Age: 27.6 | Value Score: 70

14. #Carson Palmer, CIN | Age: 28.7 | Value Score: 62
The elbow injury is problematic enough, but there's no light at the end of the tunnel in Cincinnati. The Bengals have started the season 0-7 for the fifth time since Mike Brown took over control of the franchise in 1991. No other team has done it more than twice.

15. Brady Quinn, CLE | Age: 23.9 | Value Score: 60
Positives: great poise, pocket presence, more catchable short pass, mobility. Negatives: conservative game plan didn't call for passes over 20 yards, not using Braylon Edwards, couldn't pull off the game-winning drive.

16. David Garrard, JAX | Age: 30.5 | Value Score: 57
Starting to show 2007 form, making plays with his arm and his legs.

17. Trent Edwards, BUF | Age: 24.9 | Value Score: 51
The anointing oils were out way too quickly for a QB who can't get the ball in the end zone.

18. Jason Campbell, WAS | Age: 26.7 | Value Score: 50
He's shown dramatic game-to-game inconsistency ever since he took over in 2006.


19. #Matt Hasselbeck, SEA | Age: 33.0 | Value Score: 39

20. Joe Flacco, BAL | Age: 23.7 | Value Score: 38
The rookie has dropped back 111 straight times without a turnover and is starting to find the end zone weekly.

21. #Kyle Orton, CHI | Age: 25.8 | Value Score: 33
I've been a skeptic, but it's time to give credit where credit is due. Orton is spreading the ball around extremely well and makes for a fine QB2.

22. Vince Young, TEN | Age: 25.3 | Value Score: 32

23. Jake Delhomme, CAR | Age: 33.6 | Value Score: 31
Mediocre veterans are just wasting roster spots in Dynasty leagues.

24. Brett Favre, NYJ | Age: 38.9 | Value Score: 30
There's no question in my mind, his right arm is injured.

25. Tyler Thigpen, KC | Age: 24.4 | Value Score: 29
Very intriguing value for the rest of the season, but his post-2008 value is up in the air. Will an NFL team really go into a season planning to use a shotgun/spread offense? It seems to me that Thigpen's 2008 production will go into the books as just another anomaly caused by a team going into desperation tailspin mode in a lost season.

26. Chad Pennington, MIA | Age: 32.2 | Value Score: 28


27. Chad Henne, MIA | Age: 23.2 | Value Score: 19

28. Matt Leinart, ARI | Age: 25.3 | Value Score: 19
How can the Cardinals not re-sign the leader in the MVP race?

29. Kevin Kolb, PHI | Age: 24.0 | Value Score: 18

30. Derek Anderson, CLE | Age: 25.2 | Value Score: 16
Where to next? Minnesota? Kansas City? Either way, we know he's a quarterback with a 55% completion rate.

31. Drew Stanton, DET | Age: 24.4 | Value Score: 15
The current Lions staff has zero confidence him.

32. Marc Bulger, STL | Age: 31.4 | Value Score: 14
No light at the end of the tunnel after being pulled for Trent Green for the second time this season.

33. Shaun Hill, SF | Age: 28.7 | Value Score: 14


34. JaMarcus Russell, OAK | Age: 23.1 | Value Score: 8
Time to throw in the towel?

35. Sage Rosenfels, HOU | Age: 30.5 | Value Score: 8
The Practically Perfect Backup QB hits the free agent market in 2010.

36. Jeff Garcia, TB | Age: 38.5 | Value Score: 6
Maybe he has another year in him after all.

37. Matt Cassel, NE | Age: 26.3 | Value Score: 6
For some time now, I've been very conflicted about SI's Peter King. His Monday morning recaps of the NFL landscape are must-read material for me during the season, but I walk away shaking my head every week. Cassel is showing steady improvement, but King's prediction that some team will pay him $7 or $8 million a year to be their franchise QB is laughable. Any franchise placing that much responsibility in Cassel's hands is doomed to failure.

38. Brian Brohm, GB | Age: 22.9 | Value Score: 5

39. Colt Brennan, WAS | Age: 25.0 | Value Score: 5

40. Josh Johnson, TB | Age: 22.4 | Value Score: 5

41. Gus Frerotte, MIN | Age: 37.2 | Value Score: 4

42. Daunte Culpepper, DET | Age: 31.7 | Value Score: 4
Always a better fantasy than NFL QB, Culpepper returns from the dead to find Calvin Johnson streaking down the sidelines. Skepticism is advised.

43. Byron Leftwich, PIT | Age: 28.6 | Value Score: 4


44. Kerry Collins, TEN | Age: 35.7 | Value Score: 3

45. J.P. Losman, BUF | Age: 27.5 | Value Score: 3
Free agent after 2008 season.

46. Dennis Dixon, PIT | Age: 23.7 | Value Score: 3

47. Kevin O'Connell, NE | Age: 23.5 | Value Score: 3

48. Ryan Fitzpatrick, CIN | Age: 25.8 | Value Score: 3

49. Tarvaris Jackson, MIN | Age: 25.4 | Value Score: 3


50. *Michael Vick, ATL | Age: 28.2 | Value Score: 2
How large is your roster?

51. Seneca Wallace, SEA | Age: 28.1 | Value Score: 2

52. J.T. O'Sullivan, SF | Age: 29.0 | Value Score: 2
Via con dios, O'Fumblekins.

53. Luke McCown, TB | Age: 27.2 | Value Score: 2

54. [#]Jon Kitna, DET | Age: 36.0 | Value Score: 2

55. Troy Smith, BAL | Age: 24.2 | Value Score: 2

56. Matt Moore, CAR | Age: 24.1 | Value Score: 2
Awful preseason lowers expectations about taking over for Delhomme anytime soon.

57. Rex Grossman, CHI | Age: 28.0 | Value Score: 2

58. [#]Alex Smith, SF | Age: 24.3 | Value Score: 2

59. #Dan Orlovsky, DET | Age: 25.1 | Value Score: 2

60. Kellen Clemens, NYJ | Age: 25.3 | Value Score: 2

61. #Brian Griese, TB | Age: 33.5 | Value Score: 2

62. Billy Volek, SD | Age: 32.4 | Value Score: 2


63. Brett Ratliff, NYJ | Age: 23.1 | Value Score: 1

64. John David Booty, MIN | Age: 24.2 | Value Score: 1

65. John Beck, MIA | Age: 27.1 | Value Score: 1

66. Charlie Whitehurst, SD | Age: 26.1 | Value Score: 1

67. Quinn Gray, KC | Age: 29.3 | Value Score: 1

68. Brooks Bollinger, DAL | Age: 28.8 | Value Score: 1

69. Andre Woodson, NYG | Age: 24.4 | Value Score: 1

70. [#]Brodie Croyle, KC | Age: 25.5 | Value Score: 1
Recently placed on injured reserve and even his biggest booster, Herm Edwards, is ready to move on with a different QB in 2009.

71. Chris Simms, TEN | Age: 28.0 | Value Score: 1

72. Trent Green, STL | Age: 38.2 | Value Score: 1

73. Cleo Lemon, JAX | Age: 29.1 | Value Score: 1

74. Josh McCown, CAR | Age: 29.2 | Value Score: 1

75. Andrew Walter, OAK | Age: 26.3 | Value Score: 1

76. [#]Kyle Boller, BAL | Age: 27.3 | Value Score: 1

77. [#]Patrick Ramsey, DEN | Age: 29.5 | Value Score: 1

78. [#]Damon Huard
, KC | Age: 35.2 | Value Score: 1

79. D.J. Shockley, ATL | Age: 25.5 | Value Score: 1

80. David Carr, NYG | Age: 29.1 | Value Score: 1

81. Joey Harrington, NO | Age: 29.9 | Value Score: 1

82. Brad Johnson, DAL | Age: 40.0 | Value Score: 1


Twin Killing dot Com said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Twin Killing dot Com said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Twin Killing dot Com said...

Brady Quinn couldn't pull off the game-winning drive...or Winslow dropped - DROPPED! - a first down pass?

That's pretty harsh, pal.

Chris Wesseling said...

Did we watch the same game? Didn't he throw it straight into the dirt once or twice before that? He needed a TD, not a FG, so it's not it's all on Winslow's shoulders.

Watching that game, I got the feeling the last drive was the first time Quinn's nerves got to him, i.e. the passes in the dirt. I think Collinsworth even said something about it too.

Twin Killing dot Com said...

He was right on the money on 4th down, when it mattered most. Sure, they still had more than 50 yards to go - and that almost certainly wouldn't have happened - but we'll never know, because Winslow dropped an easy pass on the most critical play of the game.

Look, Brady Quinn didn't play as well as many of the experts gave him credit for - his accuracy needs tightening - but he did give them a noticeable boost, and I think it's a little early to count "choke artist" among his negatives.

The funny thing is, that's precisely what I labeled him in college, but the passing of time has revealed a lack of talent (aside from Samardzija) surrounding him... Notre Dame should have been blown out by Ohio State and LSU in those BCS games.

We'll see about Quinn the NFL QB.

As for Quinn the fantasy QB...I'm buying.

Chris Wesseling said...

Whoa, hold on. Who called him a choke artist?

I know I certainly didn't. I said he failed to lead his team on a game-winning drive, and you heard "choke artist"?

Twin Killing dot Com said...

Fair enough. But you did say he couldn't pull off the game-winning drive, and that sort of implied it was all his fault.

He completed a 9-yarder to Winslow to open the drive and followed with two incompletions, including one that was missed badly. Then, on 4th down, Winslow's drop.

That's it.

Either way, it's just one week.