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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Game Notes | Week 9: Falcons @ Raiders

Another brutal 4:00 game on the heels of last week's Niners/Seahawks fiasco. Maybe something truly outrageous will happen, like Tom Cable mooning his team at halftime. Oh wait, that schtick is already taken. . . .

Norwood with an 11-yard gain for a first down. Matt Ryan throws a 37-yard bomb that hit Michael Jenkins right on his fingertips for the touchdown. Beautiful throw outside and high by Ryan.

I see JaMarcus Russell still has some footwork issues.

Jerious Norwood gets in for 6 more on a pitchout from the 12-yard line. Falcons are going to dominate this game.

Russell overthrows a wide open Ashley Lelie streaking down the sidelines, and it's another three & out for the Raiders.

Falcons go for it on 4th & 1 and Burner gets the first down and more. Matt Ryan hits Jenkins with another beautiful deep ball for a 27-yard TD. Ryan is officially a stud.

JaMarcus Russell rolls out and throws off his back foot unnecessarily. That's pretty much what I've assumed would happen, and it's the same thing he was doing late last season. Russell drilled, fumbled, and it looked like John Abraham came up with it . . . apparently, not ruled a fumble and even the announcers are confused. Meanwhile, Justin Fargas leaves the game with a left hand/wrist injury.

Um, Raiders line up with Ronald Curry at QB, but Robert Gallery false starts. Bush still in the game for Fargas.

A pass rush from the Raiders, and Gerard Warren knocks the ball out of Matt Ryan's hands. Raiders' ball. Down goes JaMarcus Russell as Abraham gets him for the 3rd time this half -- 8th, 9th & 10th of the season for Abraham.

Halftime thoughts:
-Matt Ryan is not a normal rookie.
- The Raiders have -2 yards at the half. That sounds like something out of the Klingler era Bengals.
- The Raiders had been playing tough at home until now. A lot of NFL pansies manned up today and either won or played it tough, but the Raiders laid an egg.

Burner is carving up the Raiders' defense, and he's over 100 yards at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. If anything, he's predictable. Nobody beats up on the cupcakes like Michael Turner.

Wow. Falcons stopped, and they'll punt for the first time today.

Fargas gets the edge for the Raiders first 1st-down of the day . . . and yes, it's the middle of the third quarter. Russell fumbles again, this time without being hit. He just cocked back and lost the ball.

Roddy White wide open over the middle on third down, and he gets in on the party. That's his fourth reception of the game, which is actually kind of disappointing.

Ryan sacked by Kalimba Edwards, his 5th of the season. Street free agent Wayne Gandy beaten on the play. Elam misses the 51 yarder.

JaMarcus Russell scrambles for a big gainer. He's going to have to do that more often because that broken play was their biggest gainer (24 yards) all day. Raiders go for it on 4th & 17, and Russell backpedals forever before throwing it away.

Michael Bush shows off his receiving skills and almost picks up a first down. JaMarcus Russell bootleg, and the whole defense bought it. Russell picks up 22 yards there. Michael Bush with another carry, and it looks Fargas is out in garbage time. Boo! Raiders knocking on the door, and Russell throws it right to the Falcons Eric Coleman in the end zone. Come on, JaMarcus. We at least want a garbage time score.

Burner still in the game at garbage because apparently his offensive coordinator is trying to kill him. Raiders defense has been on the field for 41 & 1/2 minutes with 3 left to play.

This will be the first Falcons win ever in Oakland . . . and what a butt-whoopin' it was.

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