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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Game Notes | Week 10: Seahawks @ Dolphins

Is there a more fantasy-irrelevant team than the Seattle Seahawks right now? They'll get loud-mouthed schnook Joey Porter today.

I don't mean to be telling tales out of school, but announcer Sam Rosen looks dead on Popeye's Alice the Goon.

Meanwhile, Ted Goon Jr. (no relation) takes the opening kickoff all the way, making Babineaux look like a fool in the process . . . but a holding call brings it back.

Nice, tough first-down run by Ricky Williams out of a trick play. Ricky's speed is gone, but he's plenty tough and always falls forward. Wildcat alert! Direct snap to Ronnie, who does another handoff to Ricky coming in motion. Flea flicker alert! Hand off to Ronnie who pitches it to Pennington who whips it to Goon Jr. for a 39-yarder, and the playoff bound Dolphins are up 7-0. Ginn burns Marcus Trufant and Brian Russell for the beautiful over the shoulder catch in the back of the end zone. Nicely done, Mr. Ginn.

Wallace with a bullet to a double-covered Bobby Engram, who goes up and makes a play on the ball. Seachickens have come out throwing the ball today. 37% of Seahawks drives result in 3 & outs, worst percentage in the NFL. They also have the worst time of possession disadvantage in the league. Wallace picks up the scrambling first down. Joey Porter adds to his sack total against Wallace, and the Seahawks will punt.

Misdirection pitch to Ricky for a nice gain. Wildcat alert: Ricky direct snap 50-yard TD run, the 50th of his career. Once he got past the first line of defense, there was nobody even close to him. I guess I was right in the preseason afterall: Ricky is a huge drain on Ronnie's value. Outside of that 4-TD game against the Pats, Ronnie has been virtually invisible.

Mike Holmgren is stepping away from the game after this season, which we knew. But Sam Rosen reports that it's just a sabbatical and that he will return shortly. Did we know this? I figured there was a chance he would come back, but I didn't know that it was planned that way.

Nice play by Will Allen to bat down a breakup. He's had a series of impressive games lately.

Pressure on Pennington, who tries a quick strike that lands in Jordan Babineaux's hands for the pick-six. Bad pass, and it's 14-7 Fins. Guard Andy Allenman got burnt badly on that play.

Ginn gets outside again on the return, but this one only goes about 35 yards. Wildcat alert: Ricky gets about 2 yards on that one.

Julius Jones: 5 carries. Maurice Morris hasn't even been on the field as far as I know. Owen Schmitt, fullback carry for 14 yards. Nice burst.

Seahawks force another punt. Defense is coming on ever since the Babineaux interception return.

This is the best Ricky Williams has looked all season. He couldn't turn the corner earlier in the year, but he showed his old quicks to make the corner easily here. He's looking better than Ronnie in this game.

Dolphins miss out on field goal to the end the half because they can't get the clock stopped in time. If the Seahawks had any offense whatsoever that could come back to haunt.

Keary Colbert sighting, first-down on first play of the 2nd half. Fullback Owen Schmitt has been the best running back on the team today. Julius Jones picks up a 9-yard gain as I type that. Maurice Morris has still yet to see a carry. Where's the sideline reporter when you need them? Jones with another 10 yards on the ground, and the Seahawks are knocking on the door. Sack on a hobbled Wallace (groin), and Maurice Morris is in the game for 3rd down duties. Mare hits the FG for a 14-10 ballgame.

Mare almost boomed the ensuing kickoff through the uprights. Wow. Ricky Williams starts in the backfield alone, and Ronnie has been noticeably absent for much of the game. Brown back in with Ricky, but the pass goes to Patrick Cobbs. Nice sideline throw by Pennington but dropped by Ginn. Dolphins forced to punt and rice return by Forsett. Seahawks have had a definitive momentum advantage ever since the Pennington pick-six.

Big play to John Carlson. Seneca Wallace with a perfect strike to Koren Robinson in the end zone, but Koren just drops it. Horrible. Fifth big drop by Seattle receivers today. Maurice Morris gets a reception, but not enough for the first. Mare will come on for another FG.

Ginn finds another lane for a 35-yard return, but he couldn't quite break it. He looks like a threat to take it to the distance every time. Dolphins haven't been able to do anything outside of the Wildcat today. On that note, Pennington hits Ginn for a first-down and the Dolphins will start running no huddle. Screen to Ricky for the first-down. Pennington evades 2 blitzers and hits Davone Bess for a first down. Nice play. Wildcat alert! Ronnie Brown direct snap for a 16-yard TD. Great run by Brown to cap off a 16-play, 79-yard, 9-minute drive. Momentum successfully regained.

15-yard pass to Engram followed by a 33-yard Julius Jones run, and the Seahawks have the ball in scoring position again. T.J. Duckett gets a goal-line attempt and is pushed back for a loss. Sam Rosen does not like Duckett getting the carry there. Wallace hits a wide open Koren Robinson for the TD, and the Seachickens will go for the tie here. False start, but Seattle has to go for 2 here anyway. Yeremiah Bell breaks up the pass to Carlson, Dolphins still up 21-19.

Dolphins 3 & out, Seahawks have the ball at their own 20 with no timeouts remaining and 2 minutes left. Vonnie Holiday takes down Wallace on the first play. Bobby Engram for 10 yards. Koren Robinson for 10 yards. Maurice Morris 10-yard run. Wallace spikes it at midfield. 3rd & 10 after an incompletion. Bobby Engram wide open, but Wallace throws a floater broken up by Will Allen. Fourth down. Through the hands of John Carlson, and Dolphins take over. That play was awfully close to the Quinn pass that went through Winslow's hands at the end of the game.

Dolphins will take over on downs and win the game.

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