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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Game Notes | Week 9: Jets @ Bills

The Jets don't have a prayer today unless Favre is "on" . . . at least that's my feeling.

Douchebag Eric Mangini has told his team that nobody's job is safe. And by "nobody's," he means his own.

Jets start with the ball after a 40-yard kick return from Leon Washington and then to the red zone after a 40-yard reception from Washington. Third & 8, nice pass to a diving Dustin Keller, but he can't quite pull it in. Jay Feely comes on a for 37 yarder, 3-0 Jets.

Leodis McKelvin answers Leon Washington with a 44-yard kickoff return. Lynch big 42-yard reception to put the Bills in the red zone. Edwards does a nice job of avoiding pressure, and Parrish draws a pass interference penalty. First & goal for the Bills. Edwards has plenty of time, rolls out and finds Derek Fine wide open in the end zone, 7-3 Bills. First career catch for Fine is a touchdown.

Wow, Leon Washington hit by a handful of guys in the backfield and somehow gets out of it -- almost picks up the first down too. Third & a foot, and the Bills defense breaks through the line again to stop Thomas Jones.

Trent Edwards drops back, is hit by Darrelle Revis from behind, fumbles, and Revis recovers at the Bills 6-yard line. Shot-gun snap to Favre, but he just drops it. Luckily for him Leon Washington recovers it. Favre under pressure, hit as he's throwing, and incomplete. Favre under pressure, buys time, but has to throw it away. Jets settle for another field goal, 7-6.

Slant to Lee Evans for four yards. Lynch with a nice leg drive to pick up a short-yardage first. Edwards has started the game 7-of-7 for 75 yards and a touchdown, and I just put the whammy on him. Fred Jackson drops a screen pass right in his belly, and he could have walked into the end zone from 30 yards out. Edwards gets pressured and has to throw the next one away. Roscoe Parrish gets the first-down reception, and it's a handoff to Lynch on first and goal. Lynch loses a yard. Playfake by Edwards, hits Royal but the tight end can't hang on (he had the same problem last week at Miami). False start, and the Bills are looking at a 3rd & long. Uh-oh, Edwards pressured, makes an awful throw right into Abram Elam's arms and that's going to be a 92-yard pick-six. Nice hustle by Marshawn Lynch to try to get Elam, but he had no chance.

Edwards overthrows Lee Evans after hitting Robert Royal. Edwards hits a wide open Lee Evans over the middle of the field to convert third down. Evans was double covered, but nobody was close enough to stop him. Wildcat formation, Fred Jackson is the QB and he picks up the first down on the ground. Lynch on the bench, covered with a towel as his team is driving. Lynch is under the weather "feeling sick" says the announcer. Fourth & one and the Bills don't make it. That's 27 straight offensive plays (and fifteen minutes) by the Bills offense without a score. Great for time of possession, but not so good for winning football games.

Favre to Cotchery to pick up a first down. Bills have almost twice as many yards as the Jets despite being on the wrong end of a 13-7 game. Jets in the red zone, third & long. Short pass to Coles, but the Bills swarm him. Feely comes on but misses the 37-yarder.

Halftime note from ESPN's Tim Graham:

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Ralph Wilson Stadium is awfully quiet.

The Buffalo Bills were about to put a few points on the board -- at least three of them -- after defensive back Drew Coleman fell down to let Roscoe Parrish make a third-and-16 conversion.

But Trent Edwards, under pressure, threw an interception that safety Abram Elam returned 92 yards for a touchdown to give the Jets a 13-7 lead at the start of the second quarter.

Edwards also fumbled in the first quarter to set up a Jets field goal and has committed four turnovers -- two interceptions, two fumbles -- in a two-quarter span, including last week's loss to the Miami Dolphins.

The Bills also recovered an Edwards fumble in the fourth quarter against Miami for what turned out to be a safety.

Let's see if he can hold onto the ball in the 2nd half. Marshawn Lynch has flue-like symptoms and starts the 2nd half on the stationary bike with a towel wrapped around head. Bills punter Brian Moorman is a long strider. I think he traveled 9-10 feet on one step there on the fake punt. Who says punters aren't athletes?

Jets back in the red zone, and Leon Washington gets the third & goal carry from inside the 10-yard line. Jay Feely will hit his 3rd FG in four attempts.

Bills get the ball down 16-7, and Marshawn Lynch returns to the game. Edwards under pressure once again, and he's sacked. Here's another Roscoe Parrish reception, his third of the game for 51 yards. And Lindell drills a 53-yarder into the wind. Nice kick.

After a long Favre-to-Cotchery connection, Thomas Jones takes it in from 7 yards out for the TD, and it's a 23-10 game. Difference in the game right now: Jets have no giveaways and no sacks, while the Bills have plagued by pressure and turnovers. Kris Jenkins gets pressure again, and Edwards almost throws another pick-six, right through the DB's hands. Lynch with a nice run, but he can't get away from Coleman. Edwards to Royal, great throw. Edwards is money when he has time to set up and throw. Here comes Kris Jenkins again for his 2nd sack, and he slams Edwards' head into the ground. Edwards to an open Lee Evans in the end zone, but Kerry Rhodes makes a nice play to knock it away at the last second. Pressure again, and Edwards goes down for the 6th time today. Lindell comes on for a 43-yarder that goes wide left.

Bad Favre returns, and he keeps both teams in the game. Under pressure, #4 throws it out to Cotchery at the sideline, but Jabari Greer breaks on it and returns it to the house for 6 points. Favre's 300th career interception and the 3rd runback of a pick this year (two in the past two weeks).

Jets trickeration, end around to Brad Smith with an unnecessary flip to Leon Washington as the middle man. That's just awkward. Favre gets pressured, and I think it's worth noting that his lateral movement is almost non-existant at this point in his career. He looks a lot like Kurt Warner when he gets pressured, and that's not a good thing. I remember when he used to be one of the most nimble scramblers around -- I guess that makes me officially middle-aged. Speaking of middle-aged, Thomas Jones with a nice run and a 24-yard gainer into Bills' territory. Jay Feely will come out for his 4th FG of the day.

Edwards to Evans, and it's a fumble. Bills recover. They need 9 points in just over a minute. Edwards throws the pick to Revis, and this game is going to be over. Nice upset victory for the Jets, thanks to their defensive pressure . . . mainly Kris Jenkins.

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