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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Game Notes | Week 11: Jets @ Patriots

The NFL Network crew has lost its mind. They ought to replace Marshall Faulk with Adam Schefter. I can't believe they're actually debating whether the Patriots would keep Tom Brady or Matt Cassel if Cassel "led" the team to the Super Bowl. I would like the last 10 minutes of my life back, please. It was so bad that Collinsworth actually started to consider the point because the dolts brought them down to their level. Schefter's response was perfect: "That's got to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard." I think Faulk has been hanging out at the coffee shop with Peter King. The lattes must be a bit too strong these days.

Sammy Morris is a semi-surprise active for the Pats, which should muddle the RB picture. You shouldn't be starting non-star RBs against the Jets and Kris Jenkins anyway.

Notes: Mike Wright is replacing Ty Warren at defensive end while Pierre Woods is starting for Adalius Thomas. The night just got a little bit easier for Thomas Jones and Leon Washington.

Pats special teams ace Ray Ventrone walked off dazed & confused after taking a hit on the opening kickoff. Thomas Jones picks up a first before La. Coles' first-down catch was ruled a bobble . . . and then overturned. Jets keep the ball. Great play by leading Defensive Rookie of the Year candidate Jonathan Mayo to drop Thomas Jones for a loss. And there's my man Dustin Keller to pick up the big first down. Leon Washington with the touchdown from Favre on third down, and it's 7-0 Jets.

Benjarvus Green-Ellis started the game for the Patriots even with Sammy Morris active. Kevin Faulk gets the 2nd carry, and it's 3rd & 1. Cassel under pressure does a nice job getting the ball out, and Ben Watson makes a terrific catch in traffic with defenders draped all over him. Playfake deep to Moss but way over his head. Cassel has only completed 3 passes over 30 yards this season. Cassel converts another 3rd down, this time to Gaffney. Drive stalls and Gostkowski's field goal makes it 7-3.

Favre hits rookie Keller for another 3rd down conversion. Adalius Thomas' replacement Pierre Woods just got called for a 15-yard late hit penalty. Wildcat alert! Favre split out wide with Brad Smith in the shotgun. Direct snap to Smith goes for a nice gainer down to the 5-yard line. Thomas Jones stuffed for a half-yard gain. Favre out of the shotgun, hits Dustin Keller, and the rookie just drops it. That should have been 6 points. Favre goes back to Keller, and he can't hold onto this one in traffic . . . looked like it was tipped by 2 defenders right in front of Keller. The rookie tight end is becoming a real safety blanket for Favre. Jay Feely hits the field goal, 10-7.

Sammy Morris gets his first carry in about a month. Matt Cassel scrambles for the first, showing decent mobility. Darrelle Revis is lining up across from Wes Welker in the slot. Nice play to Kevin Faulk, and the Pats are in the red zone. Sammy Morris with a nifty spin move, and he looks healthy to me. Cassel to Moss in the end zone, and it's not even close. Bad throw. That needs to be lobbed, not line-drived. Cassel has had some red zone issues this season, which is awesome for Gostkowski owners . . . 10-6 Jets.

Leon Washington strikes again, 92-yard kickoff return. His fourth career kickoff return touchdown, and Leon has 12 of the Jets 17 points.

"Lawfirm" back in at running back this drive for the Pats. Kevin Faulk's first negative carry of the season. Third down and Cassel can't hook up with Watson. Collinsworth says Cassel is playing too conservative, and throwing the ball extra wide of his targets so the ball doesn't get picked.

Favre to Cotchery, then Favre deep to Cotchery again. Cotchery was being hugged by Ellis Hobbs, and it looks like Cotchery actually caught the ball one-handed. That's a 46-yard catch, and it won't be reviewed b/c there was pass interference anyway. Jets are back in the red zone, and Favre hits Cotchery again. This time it's a slant, and Cotchery reached the ball across for the touchdown. That drive looked like a Jerricho Cotchery highlight reel. Favre is also playing very well. Jets are up 24-6, and this is a blowout.

Sam Aiken with a big play screen pass for 43 yards. Sam Aiken! Cassel showing nice scrambling ability once again. From what I've seen, that's his strongest feature. Give him a franchise contract, Peter King! Randy Moss has been open a few times against Ty Law, but Cassel hasn't been able to find him. Kris Jenkins blows up the play, and Dan Koppen is injured. Cassel sacked on fourth down, and the Jets will take over.

Cassel picks up another 19 yards on the scramble, and the Pats are going to have to make this a staple of their offense. Cassel to Watson in the end zone, and it's knocked away by Hank Poteat. Cassel hits Gaffney for the touchdown as Dwight Lowery got beat on the play. Cassel needed that one with 15 seconds left in the half . . . 24-13 Jets.

Brad Speiser emails to say that Cotchery's 46-yard grab might be best catch he's ever seen. And to quote Lloyd Dobler, he's "totally and completely serious."

Courtesty of Pats beat writer Mike Reiss:
Pats staying in 3-4 base defense and daring Brett Favre to beat them. The injuries are causing them to overcompensate against the run, and it's making it easier on Favre. Ty Law is on Randy Moss and is having success jamming him at the line with safety help over the top. All-world CB Darrelle Revis has been on Welker in the slot, and Dwight Lowery is on Gaffney . . . which is why we've been seing a lot of Gaffney.

Pats come out trying to get the ball in Moss' hands, but they only pick up 2 yards. Dwight Lowery now on Moss with safety help, and Ty Law on Gaffney one-on-one. Cassel running out of the no-huddle now, and Collinsworth says they'll try to wear down the Jets defense . . . Kris Jenkins in particular. Oh boy. Cassel hits Watson for a first-down, and Watson promptly fumbles it. Ben Watson is one of the smartest players in the NFL, so why does it seem that he's always making these stupid mistakes with fumbles, drop passes, etc. Maybe his hands are just that bad.

Fat Vince Wilfork sort of sacks Favre. Here comes another sack, led by Richard Seymour. Ben Watson gets a reprieve. Cassel goes back to Watson who has been open all day with Moss & Welker being double-covered. Oh, Jesus. Snap goes past Cassel when he's not looking and that's a 23-yard loss. Pats keep shooting themselves in the foot when they're driving into Jets territory.

Cassel to Welker on back-to-back passes, and Welker is starting to rack up some stats now. Cassel to Moss, and it's knocked away by Lowery at the last minute. Cassel buys time and finds Ben Watson wide open in the end zone . . . Watson bobbled or a second before hanging on. Jets LB Calvin Pace cannot cover Watson. Pats going for 2 to try to make it 24-21. Cassel finds Gaffney for the conversion. It's a 3-point ballgame.

Favre to Dustin Keller on back-to-back plays. Jerod Mayo back in the game, and he drills Leon Washington in the backfield. Cotchery fumbles, and the Pats recover. Jets have just 38 yards of offense and 2 first downs in the second half.

Cassel gets another 17-yard scramble, bringing him to 61 rushing yards on the game. Cassel overthrows a wide open Randy Moss who would have waltzed into the end zone. Collinsworth makes a good point that the no-huddle has taken Kris Jenkins out of the Jets game, since they've moved to a dime defense. Wonder if other teams will copy the Pats and play a no-huddle against the Jets since they can't run against Jenkins anyway. Gostokowski on to try the game-tying 47-yard field goal with 10 minutes left. He drills it, 24-24.

Thomas Jones picking up some yardage, and La. Coles limps off with a leg injury. Coles back in. First down at the Pats 37-yard line. Favre cannon to Keller at the 21-yard line. It's time to consider Dustin Keller at least a high-end TE2 on a weekly basis. He's getting more playing time and a lot of Favre's attention. Mike Vrabel called for a hold on Dustin Keller, and the Jets will get a first down instead of a field goal. Thomas Jones stood up at the one. Here comes another defensive holding another half-the-distance pentalty, which is great news for Thomas Jones owners. Jones tries to go over the top, but Bruschi and Mayo stack him up. Jones gets in on the next play, and it's a 31-24 game with 3 minutes left.

Lowery misses an easy pick, but Kris Jenkins come back and sacks Cassel on the next play. Pats will punt with 2:35 left. Jones stuffed by Mayo on third down, and the Pats will get the ball back. A minute left, no timeouts, Pats down 7 at their own 37-yard line. Cassel to Watson for two straight passes over the middle, running too much time. Cassel spikes it at the 40 with 0:36 left. Cassel to Welker to the 25. Pats in scoring position with 0:23 left. Whoops. False start penalty on Koppen. Cassel to Welker to the 16 with 8 seconds left. Jets will call a timeout on 4th & 1. Cassel avoids the sack and hits Randy Moss on a diving catch in the corner of the end zone for the game-tying touchdown! Ty Law gave him space off the line for the first time all game, and Moss took advantage. That catch is good! Nicely done, Randy. And nicely done, Cassel. Five-for-five on the final drive. I'll have my crow with extra garlic salt.

Free football! We're going to overtime. What a game for the second straight Thursday night on NFL Network. Also the 2nd straight week we've had a 400-yard passer as that touchdown put Cassel right at the 400-yard mark.

Jets get the ball, Fave slips under pressure and is sacked by Pierre Woods. Rookie Gary Guyton bats it away from Leon Washington on a great play. Favre hits Dustin Keller wide open on 3rd & 15 for the first down. Favre throws off his back foot and hits Keller again. Keller is up to 83 yards on 7 catches after breaking 100 yards last week. He has officially arrived. Screen to Thomas Jones will be just short of the first down. Dustin Keller with another first down. Favre told Keller last week "I wish I would have met you earlier in my career." Favre hits Coles, and the Jets are in fairly easy field goal range at the Pats 24-yard line. Fourth down at the Pats' 16-yard line, and Jay Feely will come on for the game-winner, a 34-yard attempt. Three of Feely's four misses have come from 30-39 yards. Feely drills it, and the Jets are in first place.

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