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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Game Notes | Giants @ Redskins

Late November, and weather is starting to make an appearance.

Eli goes deep for Hixon on his first pass attempt. Hope you picked up 87. Skins are stacking the box and will make Eli beat them. Eli to Hixon for the first down, gain of 13 yards. Manning to Hixon again to convert another third down. Great backwards diving catch by Hixon. Eli playfake deep ball to Toomer for the touchdown. Burnt Smoot.

Campbell has thrown two straight 3rd down attempts short of the sticks, and the Skins will punt again.

Nice effort by Cooley to pick up the first, and then Campbell comes back with playaction to Santana Moss for 23 yards. Campbell back to Moss, and it goes through his hands.

Direct snap to Ward to convert for a first down. Eli with back to back completions to Boss and Hixon. First and goal from the 8, and Jacobs is stonewalled. Manning sacked and the Giants will settle for a field goal.

Derrick Ward with the 48-yards catch and run on an inside screen play, and the Giants are back in Redskins territory. A couple more completions, and Eli has started the game 9-of-12 for 184 yards and a touchdown. Skins might want to rethink that "sell out against the run and make Eli beat us" strategy. Skins hold and Giants will have to settle for the field goal, 13-0.

Campbell takes a 7-step drop, and the Giants defensive ends love it. Campbell goes down for an 8-yard loss. Screen pass to Portis picks up the first down with a 17-yard gain. Uh oh. Portis is down. Looks like he took a forearm to the head from Terrell Thomas. Betts comes on and takes his own screen pass. Campbell picked by Corey Webster, flag on the play is on the Giants . . . so Campbell is saved. End around to Devin Thomas goes all the way in for a diving touchdown. Great play. Thomas showed good speed and high effort to get in for the score.

Jacobs stopped again, and the Skins are doing a good job of making him stop his feet before he gets a head of steam. Playfake to Jacobs and Eli finds a wide open Amani Toomer after DeAngelo Hall falls down in coverage. Manning looking for Hixon, and it's picked by Hall. Hixon could have made a better effort, but he wasn't quite ready for the pass. Jason Taylor may have rushed Eli.

How did Campbell get that ball to Mike Sellers? And how did the fullback hurdle the two defenders? Impressive play for 20 yards. Portis is back in the game, so the injury isn't serious.

Eli throws a groundball to Steve Smith, looked like it bounced. Call challenged, and it's ruled complete. Eli up to 226 yards, which is a first-half career high total.

Skins get the ball after a failed Eli sneak. Pass to Randle El, and the Redskins are in field goal range. They can go in at 13-10 despite being outgained by 100 yards. Instead Suisham misses from 42 yards, and it stays 13-7. Giants just handed 3 points to the Redskins, but Suisham blew it.

Eli's first-half total: 239 yards. And he comes out passing in the second half, hitting Kevin Boss for about 15 yards. Jacobs is stuffed again, and he's had nowhere to run all afternoon. Manning fires down field, and Shawn Springs just ruined DeAngelo Hall's interception. Hall was the only man around the ball, just waiting on it, and Springs rushed over and tried to catch it. Giants will punt.

Campbell goes deep to Malcolm Kelly down the sideline, but Kelly can't quite come down with it. That ball wasn't deflected and hit Kelly in the chest. He should have caught it.

Jacobs finally gets some room and ends up with a 23-yard gain. He nearly gets into the endzone on first down and leaps over the top on second down for his 12th TD of the season.

Giants are getting to Campbell with just 4 guys rushing, and Campbell keeps throwing third down passes short of the sticks. Portis stuffed on 4th & 1, and the Giants will take over in Redskins territory. The playcalling has been questionable for the Redskins today. If Portis can't get going, this offense has nothing to hang its hat on.

Jacobs is finding running room against a winded defense in the second half. Eli goes for Hixon in the end zone, but it's overthrown. Carney will come on to make it a 23-7 game.

Portis leaves the game again, and he's getting looked at on the sidelines. He's been in and out with aches and pains for the past few games. Campbell is still under pressure on every dropback.

Fat lady singing, and this one is over.

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