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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Game Notes | Week 11: Lions @ Panthers

God, the Lions suck.

Kevin Smith first down on a reception. Julius Peppers just abused Jeff Backus to sack Fatpepper. Culpepper hits a wide open Calvin Johnson in the end zone for a 29-yard TD. Poor pass behind CJ, but he came back for it.

Culpepper hits Nail Diggs in stride over the middle, which is a problem since Diggs plays linebacker. Just an awful pass.

Culpepper swallowed up for a 9-yard sack. Lions somehow manage a FG to go up 10-0. Panthers have done absolutely nothing on offense so far.

Delhomme hits Steve Smith for the first first-down of the game. Jonathan Stewart breaks a tackle and could have had a huge gain had he not stumbled. As it is, Stewart picks up 21 yards. This stumbling has been an issue for Stewart in every Panthers game I've seen this season. Steve Smith on an end-around, which threaten to break it but he ends up with 16 yards. Panthers are starting to move the ball now. Delhomme hits Jeff King for the TD, and it's a 10-7 game.

Kevin Smith continues to pound the ball. He had 4 carries for 60 yards on the previous drive. Jason Hanson hits a 56-yarder, and he's 6 for 6 on kicks over 50 this season.

Stewart burts through the middle and picks up 13 yards. He looks fully healthy today. Dump off to Stewart picks up about 4 yards. DeAngelo Williams nice cut back, and he takes it to the house for 56 yards. Missed tackle and Williams did the rest.

Panthers driving, first down to Steve Smith. Jonathan Stewart off tackle and he takes it to the house for 22 yards. That was too easy. Gaping holes and nobody in the secondary can tackle.

DeAngelo Williams great move, once again helped out by awful Lions tackling.

Delhomme throws it behind Muhammad, and Muhsin drops it. Panthers will punt. Delhomme not looking all that sharp today.

The Lions haven't done anything since the first quarter, but somehow they have a chance to tie it here. Nice drive by Kevin Smith, who is just the 2nd back to go over 100 yards against the Panthers this season. Culpepper dives in for the TD, and the Lions will go for the two to tie. Culpepper takes it himself and is stopped short, 24-22 Panthers.

Lions get the ball back, and Culpepper throws another awful interception. DeAngelo Williams takes it in for the TD, and Panthers are up 31-22.

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