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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Game Notes | Week 11: Broncos @ Falcons

Michael Turner and Jerious Norwood set to run wild today.

Matt Ryan off target on the first pass, and Roddy White dropped the next one.

Reverse to Chad Jackson loses 3 yards, Peyton Hillis picks up 5. First down to Brandon Stokley. Cutler to Royal for back-to-back completions. Cutler back to Royal, and Eddie drops a ball that he could have taken in for the TD. Peyton Hillis up the middle 6 yards for the touchdown.

Spencer Larson, the Broncos fullback, is playing linebacker today . . . and doing a nice job. Ryan to Finneran for the first down.

Ryan to Roddy White for 10 yards, and Roddy has converted every third down reception into a first down this season. Direct snap to Snelling for the 2nd wildcat formation of the drive. That play goes nowhere. Elam hits a 46-yard FG, 7-3 Broncos.

Tinker Bell gets the 3rd & 1 carry and can't convert. Three and out for the Broncos.

Playaction pass to Roddy White down the sideline for 35 yards, beating Dre Bly. Elam caps the drive with another field goal, 7-6.

Eddie Royal with the 58-yard kickoff return to answer. Cutler to Marshall, and Marshall drops it. Broncos go 3 & out and Prater pulls a 49-yard attempt wide left.

Falcons running to the perimeter instead of running down hill, and Turner has just 12 yards on 8 carries. The O-Line isn't getting a push either. Roddy White beats Dre Bly for a catch and run of 38 yards. First & goal at the 9. Gaping hole and Turner takes it in for the TD, 13-7.

Double reverse to Eddie Royal picks up 7 yards. Another Royal run, and this one loses 2. Questionable playcalling there, and the Broncos will have to punt.

Cutler uncharacteristically hasn't gone down the field at all today. Everything is short with lots of checkdowns.

Tatum Bell starts in the backfield in the second half. Nice drive by the Broncos, and P.J. Pope with the run. Pope looked better on that run than any Broncos back today. Now Pope with a goal-line target and then a goal-line run, stopped short. He comes out of the game on third down, and Hillis takes the pitch into the end zone for the go-ahead TD.

Matt Ryan gets pressured and throws it up for grabs. Dre Bly comes up with the pick.

Pope with a 15-yard run, and he still looks like the best runner in Denver. Pass to Royal at the 5-yard line. Pass interference on Brooking. Hillis gets another carry, marked down at the one. Hillis stuffed, and the Broncos will have to bring on Prater.

Michael Turner finally breaks one for a 28 yard TD. Gaping hole plus poor tackling.

Cutler finally goes deep and hooks up with Brandon Marshall on a 58-yard bomb. Cutler buys time and hits Daniel Graham for the TD.

Matt Ryan bomb to Roddy White in the end zone, but White can't hang on. That's going to haunt the Falcons with only a minute left in the game.

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