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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Game Notes | Jets @ Titans

I'm not feeling quite as verbose today, so I'm going to do a Cliff's Notes version.

Favre goes 6-for-6 on his first drive, including an inside screen to Thomas Jones which goes for a touchdown. 7-0 Jets. Dustin Keller already has two receptions, so it's looking like another big game for him.

Alge Crumpler's struggles aren't surprising when you see how big he is this year. He looks downright plump. Speaking of plumpy, LenDale White gets stuffed by Kris Jenkins and the Titans will punt again.

I've seen the Titans try that screen pass to Chris Johnson quite a few times this season, and it never looks smooth. You would think that Johnson's experience as a receiver in college would help him on that play, but Collins never hits him with a good pass and Johnson doesn't do anything with the ball once he gets it.

Jets driving again, but Javon Kearse strips Leon Washington and it's Titans ball.

Scaife drops a big gainer, and that's the fifth drop of the day today by Titans receivers. Jets are dominating every aspect of this game so far.

Favre nice pump fake and a pass to Coles down the sideline, but Cortland Finnegan makes a beautiful play on the ball for the interception. Titans get the ball in prime field position, but they go three out again after a 7-yard pass to Chris Johnson on first down. They're not even trying to run the ball.

First down to Dustin Keller, and he's up to four catches on the day. Jets' 25th 5:00 drive of the year leads the NFL. Favre rolls around and looks for Keller in the end zone but knocked away by Tulloch. Jets settle for a FG, 10-0.

Brandon Jones hobbles off with an injury. That's one to keep an eye on. He came back in a couple of plays later.

Titans starting to use Chris Johnson in the passing game more the past few games, but they need to start getting him the ball on outside runs once in awhile too . . . especially with Kris Jenkins clogging up the middle.

Collins goes deep to Gage but overthrown. The Titans are really relying on their pass game way too much here. I don't have nearly as much confidence in Kerry Collins as the national media seems to have. It doesn't help that the Titans WRs just aren't getting open. Rob Bironas on for the 43-yarder, 10-3.

Nice angled kick by Bironas to open the third quarter. Leon Washington has been a non-factor in this game. Dustin Keller draws the pass interference penalty. He's evolving into the Jets most reliable possession receiver. Cotchery being used more on short routes with Coles getting the big gainers today. Another first down to Keller. And the rookie tight end draws another flag. You can't cover him with a linebacker. Titans defense bends but doesn't break again, and the Jets settle for the three, 13-3.

Chris Johnson fumbles, and the Jets will have the ball on the Titans' 35-yard line. Favre's getting rid of the ball quickly today, so the Titans defensive line doesn't have a chance to get pressure on him. Jets own a 3-to-1 time of possession edge today. Favre finds Laveranues Coles in traffic in the the back of the end zone. Jets lead 20-3, and it hasn't even been that close.

The X Factor, Leon Washington, squirts through the middle and outruns the defense 61 yards for the score.

Collins padding his yardage stats now with the Jets in prevent defense. Kris Jenkins shaken up. Short pass to Ahmad Hall for the TD, 27-13.

Huge pass interference call on Chris Carr leads keeps the drive alive and leads to a Leon Washington TD.

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