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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Game Notes | Ravens @ Bengals

This game is a snooze fest. Every time I switch back somebody is challenging a first down. Like you need an extra first down to beat the Bengals.

Flacco to Clayton for 45 yards sets up the field goal, 3-0 Ravens.

Housh with a couple of early drops for the Bengals. They may not score at all today. Fitzpatrick just loses the ball trying to pass, and the Bungles are bungling another one.

Troy Smith into the game, and Flacco will set up as a receiver. All that for nothing with a handoff to Ray Rice. Flacco Gump avoids the sack and runs for the first down. Ray Rice taking advantage of some poor tackling on the Bengals' part. Flacco to Heap for 23 yards and the Ravens are inside the Bengals 10-yard line. First quarter totals: Ravens 130 yards, Bengals 15. McClain gets the carry and picks up just one. McClain stuffed again, and the Ravens will have to pass. Flacco takes the QB draw but comes up short, 6-0 Ravens.

Bengals and their AFC-worst 3.4 YPC have nowhere to run in this game. Benson has no holes at the line of scrimmage. Fitzpatrick has his third pass of the game batted down, and he can't beat the Ravens push with a 3-step drop.

9 play, 80-yard drive by the Ravens is culminated in a 4-yard TD to Todd Heap. Flacco 4-for-4 on the drive, and Le'Ron McClain ran all over the Bengals.

Bengals punt again, as predicted. They have 20 total yards with 2 minutes left in the half. The offensive line is being caved in on every pass attempt.

Fitzpatrick scrambles, and that's the biggest play of the game. Housh tried to blindside Ray Lewis with a block, but Ray-Ray turned around and leveled him instead. Fitz to Housh for 46 yards down the middle of the field, and the Bengals are in scoring position for the first time all game. Housh gets 2 straight targets near the end zone, but Fitz can't make it happen. Shayne Graham will come on to ruin the shutout.

Mark Clayton hits Derrick Mason for a 32-yard touchdown on the Ravens first drive of the second half. Clayton took the handoff and threw it on the run to hit Mason.

Ocho Cinco just dropped an easy first down. Fitzpatrick isn't getting much help from his receivers today.

Mark Clayton is having the game of his life. He just reached out and made a beautiful one-handed grab for the 70-yard touchdown, and he's up to 164 receiving yards with a 32-yard passing TD thrown in.

This game is over, and it's only the third quarter. Both teams are going through the motions now.

Kyle Larsen is on for his franchise record-tying 11th punt of the day. The NFL record is 17, so that appears safe with just 7 minutes left.

The Ravens offense is up to 450 yards on the day, and they're quietly becoming a high-scoring unit. Joe Flacco's QB rating is at 100 over the past month and a half. They have a tough remaining schedule, but the Ravens are starting to put things together and could be a force in the AFC.

Jordan Palmer is into the game, and he's picked by Jim Leonhard. Leonhard returns it all the way for a TD, and it's 34-3.

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