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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Game Notes | Bills @ Chiefs

Let's see how that spread offense looks today.

Thigpen to Jamaal Charles for a 36-yard touchdown.

Lee Evans had a streak of 67 straight games with a reception snapped last Monday.

Fred Jackson making tacklers miss on back-to-back impressive plays. Marshawn Lynch comes on once the Bills get to the 10-yard line. Edwards misses a wide open Robert Royal in the end zone, but Royal didn't give much of an effort. Marshawn Lynch in for the 1-yard TD on fourth down.

Dwayne Bowe drops a ball right on his hands. Bowe is 2nd in the NFL behind Braylon Edwards in drops. Thigpen narrowly avoids a safety because Kavika Mitchell decided to push him instead of tackling him.

Lynch with a 17-yard run, and Jackson come on for the goal-line carry. Lynch comes back on for 2nd & goal from the one, but he gets stuffed. Stuffed again, and it will be fourth down.

Larry Johnson breaks off a huge gainer, but he's stopped just shy of the goal-line. Tyler Thigpen thens finds a wide open Tony Gonzalez in the end zone, 14-10 Chiefs.

LJ with another big run for 26 yards, but this one is called back on a holding penalty. Instant messaging with Rotoworld's Evan Silva:

ESS0607 (1:57:56 PM): u gonna move thigpen up in your dynasty rankings this week?
contactwess (1:58:23 PM): i don't know. i just don't know if he's the answer. will an nfl team really go into a season with the spread as their base offense?
ESS0607 (1:58:35 PM): sure why not
ESS0607 (1:58:41 PM): it's about time dont u think
contactwess (1:59:31 PM): he's awful under center. i wonder why NFL teams don't use a shotgun more often . . . but i know the answer is that it's a lot harder to run out of it

Jamaal Charles' fumble puts Bills in great field position, but they have to settle for another field goal, 14-13.

Explosive return man Leodis McKelvin jumped the slot route, picked off Tyler Thigpen, and ran it back 64 yards for a spectacular diving touchdown.

It's about time. Edwards finds Lee Evans deep for a 51-yard gainer in double coverage. Bills go into conservative mode and have to settle for a field goal, 23-17.

McKelvin burns Thigpen again. Ball was underthrown, and McKelvin had a better chance to make the play than Will Franklin did. Jabari Greer is about to get Pipped by the rookie.

Trent Edwards makes a play and finds Josh Reed open down the sidelines. Edwards is starting to play with more confidence ever since the bomb to Evans. Edwards scrambles and goes airborne over a couple of defenders for the TD. Bills would have ran out of time if Edwards didn't make it in. Ballsy play.

Leodis McKelvin's 46 yard kickoff return puts the Bills in great field position. Edwards scrambles and dives in for his second running TD of the day.

Thigpen fumbles after falling on a scramble. Next drive he finds Mark Bradley deep down the sideline for Thigpen's 11th TD pass in the past 5 games.

Bills answer with a long drive fueled by Lynch & Jackson, but it's Josh Reed with the 8-yard TD reception for a 47-24 lead.

Marshawn Lynch is on the bench with trainers looking at his left forearm/hand. Trent Edwards finds a wide open Derek Schouman, and the Bills are over 50 points.

Quinn Gray on now and he finds Dwayne Bowe on a fade route in the end zone, 54-31.

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