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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quote of the Day | October 22, 2008: The Only True Blood Sport

Originally from a 2000 ESPN.com column and later reprinted in Hunter S. Thompson's Hey Rube:

Let's face it: The only true Blood Sport in this country is high-end Politics. You can dabble in Sports or the Stock Market, but when you start lusting after the White House, The Joke is Over. These are the real Gamblers, & there is nothing they won't do to win.

Nothing involving jockstraps or sports bras will ever come close to it for drama, violence, savagery, & overweaning lust for the spoils of victory. . . . The Presidency of the United States is the richest & most powerful prize in the history of the World. The difference between winning the Super Bowl & winning the White House is the difference between a Goldfish & a vault full of Gold bars.

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