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Monday, October 27, 2008

I'll Tumble for You | Week 9

Early look at Dynasty players losing value:

J.T. O'Sullivan - Via Con Dios, O'Fumbles.
Ben Roethlisberger? - Holding onto the ball and waiting for a big play to develop is not a good match for this O-Line. He's going to get killed back there.
Matt Hasselbeck - Holmgren didn't sound confident about seeing him again this season.
Drew Stanton - Lions flirting with Culpepper.

Larry Johnson - Fantasy football cancer.
Julius Jones
Michael Turner - I've never really been interested in fantasy backs who never catch the ball, and Turner's 2008 inconsistency is a perfect example.
Ryan Grant - Ditto.
Ronnie Brown - Whither "Wildcat"?
Jonathan Stewart - So just how much of a problem is DeAngelo Williams? Can you afford to wait on Stewart?
Marshawn Lynch - Amazing that he's been consistent with Fred Jackson continuing to take on a more significant role. Jackson has been the more effective back this season.
Fred Taylor - Stick the fork in him.
Justin Fargas
Pierre Thomas - Here comes his prime opportunity, and he has to split it with Aaron Stecker?

Torry Holt - 11 straight games without 100 yards, now taking a backseat to Donnie Avery while Bulger throws for 300 yards.
Marques Colston? - What's going on here?
Braylon Edwards - It's just not his year.
Plaxico Burress - Knucklehead.

Vernon Davis - Doghouse.
Todd Heap
Ben Watson
Dante Rosario


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