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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Game Notes | Week 6: Jaguars @ Broncos

Cutler is just going to throw it to Brandon Marshall every time with Eddie Royal and Tony Scheffler out.

TD to Stokley! I picked him up in several leagues and inserted him right into the starting lineup. He's going to have good value for as long as Eddie Royal is out . . . and maybe even longer.

Fred Taylor with a nice screen play only to have the ball shoot out as he's tackled, and the Broncos recover. Nate Webster with a nice tackle hit on Taylor. And Cutler gives right back to the Jags with his own fumble on the very next play. Reggie Hayward dove and slapped the ball out of Cutler's hand.

Fred Taylor hasn't been back in the game since that helmet-to-helmet hit, and he's woozy on the sidelines. He tried to walk and almost fell down.

A Troy Williamson sighting! Garrard hits him on a bomb, and Williamson actually caught. But it's all coming back on a holding penalty. Don't do that to Troy, man.

There's Fred Taylor going to the locker room. I'd assume he's done for the day. I'm doing Rotoworld blurbs, but every time I look up Michael Pittman is breaking off 8-10 yards.

Garrard was 16-of-19 in the first half and hit 8 different receivers. He comes out hot in the second half, hitting Matt Jones and Marcedes Lewis.

MJD explodes through the middle of the field and takes it to the house. I don't know why the Jags don't use him more consistently. He's their best player by far.

Pittman just got drilled in the back, which caused him to cough up the football. Stokley is on the sidelines, but I haven't heard an injury report yet.

Fred Taylor cleared to play by the Jags medical staff, and there he is jogging on the sidelines.

Garrard finds Marcedes Lewis who withstood a couple of safety hits to go in for the TD, and it's a 24-10 lead for Jacksonville.

Cutler just has nobody to throw to, and he's trying to force the ball to Brandon Marshall.

Marshall is fighting hard for yards after the catch today. He refuses to go down. And it's Cutler to Daniel Graham for the TD. Now we've got a ballgame.

That's a grievous pass interference call against Marlon McCree. A possible game changer.

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