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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Game Notes | Week 8: Seahawks @ 49ers

That will teach me to get my game requests in to Gregg on time. I got stuck with this lousy matchup because my office ceiling sprung a massive leak and dumped water all over my desk and laptop. In the ensuing mess, I had to plunk down $600 on a new laptop and plum forgot to email my game requests by Friday afternoon. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da. . . .

Delanie Walker with a 53-yard catch and run.

J.T. O'Fumbles turns it over again, and the boo-birds are out in full chorus.

Seahawks with a huge time of possession early in this game due to O'Fumbles. Duckett pounds his way in from two yards out.

Barry Sims down with a leg injury for Niners, and Adam Snyder will come on.

Gore stopped just shy of the goal-line on a long run, but he's called for a face mask on the stiff arm.

49ers offensive is a fantasy defenses dream matchup. Between their O-Line not blocking and O'Sullivan turning the ball over, there's plenty of opportunity for big plays.

O'Sullivan yanked just before halftime, and they'll turn to Shaun Hill.

Hill is doing a nice job of running a ball control, dink-and-dunk offense just as he did late last season.

This is getting stupid. Leonard Weaver and his green shoes just took a pass and ran it 40 yards to the house. Fullbacks should never have 43-yard touchdown catches.

This game blows. Hard.

Vernon Davis was sulking on the bench, and it looks like Singletary just told him to take a hike. He's heading to the locker room.

Touchdown Hill-to-Hill. Shaun to Jason. Back to back scoring drives for Shaun Hill.

Cripes! Another long TD to Leonard frickin' Weaver, this one for 62 yards. Embarrassing. This game is the pits.

Whoops. Now Shaun Hill fumbles, but at least the Niners recover. Mike Martz is going to have to find a way to protect his quarterback.

What an awful division this is.

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