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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Game Notes | Week 8: Bills @ Dolphins

Bills at Dolphins, and I don't believe I have a single fantasy player going in this game in all of my leagues.

Watching the opening ceremonies from Wemblem Stadium, and "God the Save the Queen" doesn't hold a candle to the Star Spangled Banner. Our anthem is about our land, people, and country. Theirs is about God and royalty.

First play of the game is a deep ball from Pennington to Ted Ginn for 46 yards, testing Terrence McGee who just returned to the lineup.

Pitch out to Ricky, who does a nice job to gain five yards. He doesn't have the speed to turn the corner anymore, but he utilizes the veteran moxie to get positive yardage.

Wildcat direct snap to Ronnie Brown, gaining 7 yards on the run. Pennington to Davone Bess down to the 3-yard line. Pennington play action touchdown pass to a wide open Anthony Fasano.

Trent Edwards to Lee Evans over the middle, and the Dolphins better get used to that connection. Edwards to the sidelines for rookie James Hardy, and Hardy does a nice job of using his size to haul it in for 14 yards. First and goal form the 5, and the carry goes to Fred Jackson who is stopped for a gain of two. Jackson with another carry down to the 1-yard line. Where's Marshawn Lynch? Another carry for Jackson, and the Dolphins hold.

Ricky Williams just lost 5 yards on 3rd & 1, and he could have lost about 30 if Pennington didn't save his ass with a great diving block. Ricky was stood up at the corner and reversed field as deep as you will ever see. Stupid play.

Marshawn Lynch gets a carry, so he's obviously just fine. That must have been a coach's decision to have Fred Jackson take all 3 carries inside the 10-yard line last drive. Trent Edwards to Josh Reed, and Reed makes a nice play after the catch. Will Allen down with a knee injury.

Edwards hits Robert Royal right in the mittens, and Royal drops it for the second time today. I've very impressed by Edwards' accuracy. He puts the ball on the money, and it seems to me that he can make all the throws.

Lindell makes the 43-yard FG, his second of the game . . . which is great news for me as I plugged him in for Nick Folk at the last minute today.

Ooof. Edwards with a short dumpoff to Lynch, and Lynch just drops it. Maybe Fred Jackson is playing for a reason.

Trent Edwards is going to the rookie James Hardy quite a bit in the first half today. They're using Hardy like Plaxico Burress with high tosses that only Hardy could pull in . . . but they're not high percentage plays.

Another field goal by Lindell to close out the half. Woo-hoo!

Bills open the 3rd quarter going to Lynch for a first down. Despite Fred Jackson's early involvement, that's Lynch's fifth reception of the game for 34 receiving yards. Gregg Rosenthal noted earlier in the day that Jackson has been a much more efficient back than Lynch this season.

Vonnie Holiday poked in the eye, and rookie Philip Merling takes his place. Holiday is coming back in. Trent Edwards with a nice job scrambling for 10 yards. Lynch with a powerful 9-yard run, and now a roll out from Edwards to Lee Evans for a nice gainer. Now here's Fred Jackson for a 8-yard run, and the Bills have it at the 15-yard line. Another nice 8-yard run by Jackson. The Bills just like to use both RBs because they're both good. First & goal at the 7, Lynch to the outside and then back in for an impressive TD run. It's nice that they can play both backs at the same time with Jackson. Not many teams can do that with 2 halfbacks, and it's a pretty big advantage.

Dolphins come back with 64-yard catch & runn by Ginn before Pennington is sacked by Bryan Scott (who owned Antonio Gates last week). Miami will settle for a 43-yard FG, and it's a 6-point game.

Kevin Harlan just called David Martin a wide receiver, claiming he's a converted tight end. That's the first I've heard of Martin not being a tight end. Pennington hits Ginn running free in the secondary, for a 19-yard gain. Ginn is having a huge game catching those slant routes across the middle.

Ricky Williams Wildcat direct snap inside the 10-yard line, and he gets about 5 or 6 yards. Second & goat at the 3, pitch to Ricky who takes in for the TD. Miami goes up by one, 17-16. Dolphins come back for another field goal, this one of 44 yards. Dolphins have put up 13 consecutive points. Let's see if the Bills can answer.

Vonnie Holiday nails Trent Edwards and the ball flutters, but Lee Evans makes a nice adjustment and comes back for the ball. Evans is over 100 yards on the game now. Uh-oh, Edwards lose the ball trying to extend it, and it's a fumble recovered by Joey Porter.

Dolphins talked about getting Ricky more touches this week, and it looks like they're following through. Early in the 4th quarter, Ricky has 9 touches for 59 yards while Ronnie has 11 touches for 48 yards.

A floater to Ginn for 13 yards, and Terrence McGee is just getting toasted by Ginn. McGee must still be injured.

Wow! Edwards poor pocket presence, held onto the ball way too long and Porter sacks him in his own end zone for a safety. Porter's 10th sack of the season, and he's got more than any LB in the league since 2000.

Pennington with another wobbler to Ginn for 13 yards. 176 receiving yards in a breakout game for Ginn today. Pennington throws ducks on anything over 10 yards, but Ginn has been open.

Carpenter on for a 35-yard FG, and the Dolphins take a 9-point lead with four minutes left. They've just dominated the second half.

Dolphins keeping the pressure on Edwards, and he hits Evans while being taken down by 3 defenders. Ouch. Edwards finds Robert Royal for 20 yards on a 3rd & 19, and the big dumb animal fumbles the ball over to the Dolphins. This game is over.

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