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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Game Notes | Week 7: Lions @ Texans

Late addition. Now covering Lions and Texans at 4:00. Battle of the stud receivers. How many guys get to cover the winless Bengals and the winless Lions in the same day.

Tight end screen to Owen Daniels for a nice gain. Slaton runs through a huge hole, and that's going to go for about 30 or 40 yards. Screen to Slaton, and that goes nowhere. Pass to Andre Johnson down to the 2-yard line. Texans offense is much more explosive than commonly believed. They're always a good bet for 25-30 points. Who gets the score here? Schaub to a wide open Owen Daniels for his first TD of the season.

Zach Dyles drops Orlovsky for a sack.

Schaub starts out 7 for his first 7 with Andre Johnson already recording four catches for 44 yards. Ahman Green right up the gut for a nice gain. I had forgotten how bad this Lions defense was. When I saw them earlier in the year, I thought they were the worst run defense I had ever seen -- and that's a lot of pisspoor Bengals defense I've seen over the years.

Poor Leigh Bodden can't get a break on pass interference calls. There was back & forth pushing between him and Andre Johnson there. Texans get it at the 1-yard line and run almost the same exact play they ran last time they scored. Schaub overthrows the fullback. Ahman Green off tackle and into the end zone. It appears he and Slaton are just rotating drives.

Ha. Detroit's first first-quarter first-down since Week 3. A month without a first-quarter first-down. That's embarrassing. They haven't scored a first-quarter point all season.

Texans drive again, and it's Slaton's turn. He powers it in from 0ne-yard out.

Calvin Johnson's first catch comes on a Hail Mary pass to end the half.

Kevin Smith breaks one off for about 25 yards on a third-quarter touchdown. Back-t0-back strong runs from Smith.

Slaton stuffed at the goal-line. And stuffed again. Ahman Green comes in, and it's a playaction TD to Owen Daniels.

And that's why you keep passing to Calvin Johnson. Just throw it up for crying out loud. Orlovsky finds him in stride on the sidelines for a franchise record-tying 96-yard TD. Two-point conversion attempt to Calvin, and about four flags come out for pass interference. Back to Calvin for the successful 2-pointer. Somehow the Lions are within 10 points.

Schaub hits Andre Johnson on a crossing route for his 11th catch of the game. Schaub now an unbelievable 26-of-32 after having to throw the ball away on third down. Matt Turk drilled, and the Texans recover punt at 1-yard line. Only a 5-yarder, eh?

Furrey with the nice one-handed snag, and he's had a nice game. Looks like the No. 2 wide receiver to me. Jason Hanson drills his 2nd 54-yard FG of the day, and he's 4-for-4 on 50-yarders this season. Impressive.

It's a one-score game, and I don't know how that's possible.

Ahman Green has a season-high in rushing yardage, but he's been stuffed in short-yardage twice in a row here . . . at least I thought he was stuffed. Replay shows that he probably got the first-down.

Texans hold on for the win. In other news, Jay Feely just nailed a 51-yard FG to send the game to overtime in Oakland.

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