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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Game Notes | Week 6: Bengals @ Jets

Alright, I've finally got the NFL Sunday Ticket, and I can't get away from the Bengals.

Wow, Antwan Odom blindsided Favre, spun him around and the ball went flying out towards the Jets endzone. Ndukwe picks it up and waltzes in for the TD. Great play by Odom. Bengals with the early lead.

Third & 3 and it's Jesse Chatman and Leon Washington in the backfield. Interesting to see Chatman in there. Fourth down and the Jets will go for it. Favre gets away and hits Coles for the conversion.

Third & goal, and it's Leon Washington in the backfield. Favre escapes, tries to run it in, realizes he's too slow, and finds Dustin Keller open in the end zone as he's going down. Whoops, penalty. That one's coming back. Bengals send the house on a blitz next play, Favre smartly hits a slashing Cotchery, but a pick penalty on Stuckey erases it. Third & goal from the 19-yard line. Favre deep to Coles in the end zone, overthrown but more laundry on the field. Illegal contact on Leon Hall, automatic first down. Finally, Favre to Thomas Jones for a 2-yard TD.

Favre almost intercepted by Jonathan Joseph to close out the first quarter. Bengals punt returner fair catches the ball at the 3-yard line. Bright.

Chris Perry = pedestrian. Fitzpatrick is awful too. This Bengals offense is unwatchable.

Jets drive down for a FG, and they're only up 3 points despite outgaining the Bengals by about 100 yards early on.

Alright, we've got a Cedric Benson sighting! Never thought I'd say that, but anything is better than Fitzpatrick and Perry. Fitzpatrick doesn't even attempt to throw the ball more than 15 yards down the field. Housh limps off, but it didn't look serious. Chris Henry comes in. Oh, boy. Fitzpatrick sets up to go deep across the field, and he's spun around by Hank Poteat. Fumble, and the Jets have the ball close to the red zone again.

Thomas Jones through the middle of the Bengals D for a 10-yard rushing TD.

The Bengals best offensive play is for Fitzpatrick to get pressured and then scramble for a few positive yards.

OK, Bengals finally "driving," but Perry dances at the line on 3rd & short and loses yardage. Fitzpatrick on 4 & 2 rolls out and hits Housh for a first down. Fitz to Housh again, and the Bengals have the ball at the 12-yard line. Back to Housh again to the five. Fade to Chris Henry. Great one-handed catch, but he was out of bounds. Fitz to Utecht for the first down. Fitzpatrick in for the 1-yard TD run to cap off a 14-play, 66 yard drive. I didn't think the Bengals had it in them.

Favre to Coles for 27 yards -- great grab by Coles. Marvin White turns around and intercepts Favre on a deep ball at the pylon.

Favre off balance throw to Cotchery for the first down. Vintage Favre. Uh-oh, there's an interception, and the Jets miss out on another scoring opportunity. Corey Lynch, the interceptor for the Bengals, has a degree in Applied Physics. Impressive. The Bengals are down by 6 points in a game where they've been severely outplayed.

Chris Perry just got bulldozed by David Harris as the Jets get their 4th sack of the day.

Thomas Jones with a goal-line TD, his third of the afternoon. Nothing like the Bengals defense to get yourself fat and happy.

Fitzpatrick just completed a pass to himself. He might be the Bengals best runner and receiver.

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