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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Quarterback Rankings: February 6, 2008


[100] Peyton Manning IND 32.5
[98] Tom Brady NE 31.1
[93] Ben Roethlisberger PIT 26.5
[91] Carson Palmer CIN 28.7
[90] Drew Brees NO 29.6
[90] Tony Romo DAL 28.4

[80] Donovan McNabb PHI [T] 31.7
[72] Jay Cutler DEN 25.3
[69] Marc Bulger STL 31.4
[68] Matt Hasselbeck SEA 33.0

[60] Vince Young TEN 25.3
[59] Matt Schaub HOU 27.2
[59] David Garrard JAX 30.5
[58] Eli Manning NYG 27.6
[55] Derek Anderson CLE [R] 25.2
[54] #Philip Rivers SD 26.8
[52] Matt Leinart ARI 25.3
[50] Brett Favre GB 38.9

[30] Jason Campbell WAS 26.6
[28] JaMarcus Russell OAK 23.1
[25] Brady Quinn CLE 23.9
[22] Trent Edwards BUF 24.9
[21] Aaron Rodgers GB 24.8
[20] #Jake Delhomme CAR 33.6
[20] Drew Stanton DET 24.4

[15] Kevin Kolb PHI 24.0
[14] Kellen Clemens NYJ 25.3
[14] Daunte Culpepper OAK (U) 31.5
[13] Tarvaris Jackson MIN 25.4
[12] Jon Kitna DET 36.0
[12] Kurt Warner ARI 37.3
[11] #Alex Smith SF 24.3
[10] Shaun Hill SF 28.7

[7] J.P. Losman BUF [T] 27.5
[7] Jeff Garcia TB 38.5
[6] Chad Pennington NYJ [T] 32.2
[6] John Beck MIA 27.1
[4] Byron Leftwich ATL [x] 28.6
[4] Luke McCown TB 27.2
[4] Brodie Croyle KC 25.5
[4] Rex Grossman CHI (U) 28.0

[3] Kyle Orton CHI 25.8
[3] Troy Smith BAL 24.2
[3] Sage Rosenfels HOU 30.5
[3] Seneca Wallace SEA 28.1
[2] Brian Griese CHI [x] 33.5
[2] Quinn Gray JAX (U) 29.3
[2] Todd Collins WAS (U) 36.8
[2] Billy Volek SD (U) 32.4
[2] Damon Huard KC 35.2
[2] #Steve McNair BAL [x] 35.5
[2] #Trent Green MIA [x] 38.2
[2] Kyle Boller BAL 27.3
[2] Matt Moore CAR 24.1
[2] Charlie Whitehurst SD 26.1
[2] Josh McCown OAK (U) 29.2
[2] Chris Redman ATL 31.2

[1] Cleo Lemon MIA (U) 29.1
[1] Patrick Ramsey DEN 29.5
[1] A.J. Feeley PHI 31.3
[1] #Chris Simms TB [x] 28.0
[1] Gus Frerotte STL [x] 37.2
[1] Kerry Collins TEN (U) 35.7
[1] Matt Cassel NE 26.3
[1] Andrew Walter OAK 26.3
[1] Charlie Frye SEA 27.0
[1] #D.J. Shockley ATL 25.5
[1] *Michael Vick ATL [x] 28.2
[1] Joey Harrington ATL [x] 29.9
[1] Jim Sorgi IND 27.8
[1] Bruce Gradkowski TB 25.7
[1] Brooks Bollinger MIN 28.8
[1] J.T. O'Sullivan DET (U) 29.0
[1] Dan Orlovsky DET [R] 25.1
[1] Ryan Fitzpatrick CIN [R] 25.8
[1] David Carr CAR [x] 29.1

2/10/08 - Moved Matt Leinart up; moved Brett Favre down
2/11/08 - Moved Troy Smith down slightly;


TC said...

How does Brady drop 2 points??? He is younger than Peyton with a better supporting cast coming off a record setting year with entire coaching staff in tact! Mannings long-time #1 weapon looks to be ending the end of the line..

Chris Wesseling said...

Hi TC,

Good to hear from you. I'm a Brady owner in both of my long-time dynasty leagues in addition to being of the long held opinion that Brady is a better player than Manning.

However, with all remnants of the 2007 now complete, I believe Manning's year-to-year consistency wins out over Brady's huge 2007 advantage when looking at future fantasy football value.

During the season, it was hard to rank anyone over Brady when he was putting up arguably the greatest season of all time and helping you win your league. . . .which is always the goal. Now that the season is over, why should we be too beholden to the 2007 season stats? You see that mistake made every year by most of your competition.

TC said...

My problem is that for as long as I have been visiting this site both Brady and Manning have scored 100's each. Now due to Brady's SB performance (viewed as disappointing to some, although had Eli been sacked he could have again been MVP) he is being dropped a couple points? I wouldn't have questioned it had Brady consistently been ranked behind Manning but don't see any reason why his SB showing changes the outlook between the 2 viewed as equals prior.

Chris Wesseling said...

Where did I say it had anything to do with Brady's Super Bowl performance? You're inferring something that just isn't there.

His drop has nothing whatsoever to do with what happened in the Super Bowl and everything to do with the fact that the 2007 season is now over.

Seasonal value is gone, so it's time to turn the page and look towards 2008 and beyond.