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Friday, February 1, 2008

Brown, Ronnie: Value Notes

HEhateMe 11/12/06: F&L - great continuing work here. Thanks for the efforts! I am looking forward to your Ronnie Brown thoughts as I have him in my dynasty league. I like what I see from him, but worried about the Ricky Williams possible return. Interested in your ideas (and others' ideas) on Ronnie on that. Keep up the work!

Sons of the Tundra 11/12/06: I don't have time to go indepth or do much research right now, but I'm not worried about Ricky Williams affecting Ronnie Brown's value...and that's one of the reasons I wanted to write about him. He's a little too obvious for this list considering his pedigree and big game against the Bears. But I don't know if everyone realizes just how good he is yet. He's a top 5 RB dynasty talent, and if your league's Ronnie Brown owner is at all worried about Ricky Williams, you should act fast.

Ronnie Brown is like Steven Jackson before him. The size, the talent, the speed, the pass catching ability -- it's all there. There are many things wrongs with this Dolphins offense, but Ronnie Brown isn't one of them. They would be foolish to start jerking around their future next season after the fine all-around game he's shown while stuck in a going-nowhere offense this season.

nygiants56 5/4/07: Ronnie Brown at #7 is WAY , way too high, IMO..the guy has shown little since turning pro. Let me ask you: Who is your Dolphins QB? because they will need a good one to keep defenses from stacking 8 or 9 in the box. how's that O-line? oh yeah, it's in shambles.

Sons of the Tundra 5/4/07: a] I don't have Ronnie Brown at #7. I have him at #11.
2] I disagree that Ronnie Brown has shown little since turning pro. He was the only player worth a crap on the Dolphins offense last season, and I believe if they surround him with some decent talent and start using him like a Steven Jackson, he'll perform pretty much like Steven Jackson. I saw him leave cleat-prints on the Bears' chests when the Bears defense was still absolutely dominant last season. He's got game...it just needs to be unleashed.

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