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Friday, February 1, 2008

Houshmandzadeh, T.J.: Value Notes

lord_helmet 5/4/07: You have done a great job, without question. I still remember this thread from months ago, will be interesting to see if you're still sleeping a little bit on Housh this time around though.

Sons of the Tundra 5/4/07: Thanks, lord_helmet. I've spent 31 of my 33 years in Cincinnati. I've closed down the westside landmark Price Hill Chili/Golden Fleece Lounge so many times that they gave me a going away present when I moved to Savannah last year. So believe me, I'm not sleeping on Housh. I think the world of Housh as a player, but I think last year is probably the high end in fantasy. We'll see. I could be wrong, especially with Chris Henry's suspension. I'll tackle the WRs later today.

lord_helmet 5/4/07: I just don't see whats not to like about Housh, it might be nitpicking about a few spots in this or that direction but it was probably the comments on him that made me respond in the first place.

Ward is underrated every year - true, but isnt that true with Housh also ?

Velcro hands, best route running in the league and a Pro Bowl QB throwing him passes. I really don't understand why he would be ranked lower than Ward, he is just as hard of a worker and seems to have the same approach to the game as Ward too.

Offense - advantage Housh
QB - advantage Housh
Health - both are tough cookies, but advantage Ward by a hair, Housh has been struggling to stay on the field for a couple of seasons.
Coverage - advantage Housh, he will face less talented defenders on a weekly basis

Oz 5/4/07: Best route running in the league? Hard to tell I suppose, without us knowing the route before the play, but I've always thought Marvin Harrison was the top here. Housh does very well from what I can tell.

Part of the difference may simply be Hines is the undisputed #1 WR while Housh is #2 or if Henry is on the field, maybe #3 in that offense.

Housh does seem underrated though.

Sons of the Tundra 5/4/07: Oz already addressed the route running question and the fact that Ward is the #1 WR while Housh #2. No way do I believe Housh is a better route runner than Ward. And nobody catches a higher percentage of passes year in and year out than Ward, so you can't say Housh's Velcro hands are better than Ward's.

Coverage? Are you penalizing Steve Smith for coverage here too? By your logic Housh will face less defenders than any #1 WR, so he should be moved ahead of them? So you're saying for fantasy purposes it's better to be the #2 WR than the #1 WR in an offense? I don't get this one.

You mention that Housh is just as hard of a worker and has the same approach as Ward, which all sounds very nice. But you failed to mention that Ward has been a more productive WR. I mean, isn't that what we're after? Production? Housh has one career 1000 yard season and zero seasons with 10+ TDs. Ward has 4 seasons over 1000 (with another 2 at 975), and he's had double digit TDs 3 times in the last 5 years. By FBG scoring, Ward has 3 top 10 finishes in the last 5 years. Housh has zero, though he did come in at #11 last year.

I think you picked the wrong guy for comparison's sake. Considering the total package Hines Ward has been one of the best NFL WRs in the league for 5+ years, and no doubt he's been a much more productive fantasy WR than Housh.

lord_helmet 5/4/07: Fair enough, but from a what have you done for me lately pov I would have to think that Housh > Ward (ff purposes). About the #2 vs #1 WR there are a couple of teams (Indy and Cincy) where there is some truth to this. These rankings are for the future, not the past right ?

Sons of the Tundra 5/4/07: Absolutely, the rankings are for the future. Since I see '06 as Housh's career year, I'm not going to rank him above a better player for the future. But it's certainly a worthwhile debate. Thanks, lord_helmet.

lord_helmet 5/4/07: No, thank you, I just wish my english was a little better sometimes (or maybe you all could learn Danish ?) when trying to make a point. But the point here is simple, I'm confident Palmer won't be throwing less and that Housh will be an important part of the offense. 06 career year ? possibly but I don't see why a repeat or even a year with new career highs is unrealistic.

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