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Friday, February 1, 2008

James, Edgerrin: Value Notes

perry147 1/4/07: RB Edge at #28 - Wow how the mighty have fallen. (just not this low). I would have him about 10 spots higher . I think his floor was this year but others seem to think he is making room for a second basement.
Remember he did rush for 1159 and scored 6 TD's. I think as ML matures it can only help his value in the future.

Sons of the Tundra 1/6/07: In addition to Edge's horrific yards per carry average, he has been getting pulled at the goal-line for Marcel Shipp. Now I realize Denny Green's departure may change things, but that's a major indictment of Edge's short yardage problems of the past couple of seasons. Additionally, one of the major precursors to a significant decline in a RBs production is a sizable falloff in the passing game. Edge has really lost a few steps in the passing game to the point where he's below average now. I don't see much difference between Edge & Jamal Lewis anymore...or Ahman Green for that matter. I think Ahman is actually a better NFL & fantasy RB right now (just not a more reliable one due to health issues), and Jamal Lewis is a full year younger. Edge only has a couple of years left before he's done. If he's a borderline fantasy starter at best in those two years, he's not going to hold much value.

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