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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Defense Rankings: February 6, 2008


[25] Chargers SD
[23] Seahawks SEA
[22] Bears CHI
[20] Vikings MIN
[19] Giants NYG
[17] Patriots NE
[17] Steelers PIT

[13] Cowboys DAL
[12] Packers GB
[12] Titans TEN
[10] Buccaneers TB
[9] Jaguars JAX

[6] Texans HOU
[6] Ravens BAL
[4] Redskins WAS
[4] 49ers SF
[3] Colts IND
[3] Cardinals ARI
[3] Chiefs KC
[3] Panthers CAR

[2] Bills BUF
[2] Eagles PHI
[2] Broncos DEN
[2] Lions DET
[2] Saints NO
[1] Raiders OAK
[1] Browns CLE
[1] Dolphins MIA
[1] Falcons ATL
[1] Bengals CIN
[1] Jets NYJ
[1] Rams STL


Fred said...

The Giants don't have the best defense in the league?

Chris Wesseling said...

I thought we were ranking dynasty fantasy football defenses, not NFL defenses.

I will take the Chargers collection of young talent AND playmakers plus the return ability of Sproles over the Giants in a dynasty fantasy football league any day.

Are you a Giants fan, Fred?

Fred said...

I was looking at it from a IDP Fantasy league point of view.
I just happen to have Eli and Ahmad and Wilson on my roster and Giants made me a few $ in the playoffs.

Chris Wesseling said...

Sorry, Fred.

I have yet to get heavily into IDP, so this remains a basic defense/special teams ranking with no individual defenders.

Thanks for joining in.