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Friday, February 1, 2008

Owens, Terrell: Value Notes

Sons of the Tundra 3/15/07: I'm far from a T.O. hater. I actually believe he provides a useful, if annoying, role in the NFL. If blowhards like Chris Berman & Joe Buck (among a legion of others) are going to take the game to new levels of hallowed-ness, T.O. serves to remind us that it is, after all, just another form of entertainment. If the media would ignore him, it would stop...but that's not how ESPN works. I can't watch that station anymore because I know that the lead story, whether we have interest or not, is going to be either Bonds, T.O., Barbaro, Bob Knight or Pete Rose. T.O. is only the latest in the line of Madonna, Jose Canseco & Dennis Rodman. There's a very lucrative career to be made by pushing the buttons of a reactionary media and uptight middle America. And if you're one who enjoys a laugh at the expense of the media & the more uptight members of our society, then it can provide some quality amusement.

The bottom line with T.O. is that he's always a risk for suspension, or walking away, or something even more bizarre that I'm not creative enough to figure out. On top of that, he's almost 34 years old. Age and unreliability are two alarming negatives. I'd take him on my team, and I think the guys who took him in the recent dynasty drafts on these boards, have made outstanding picks. But as a general rule, the guys I've ranked ahead of him are younger, very talented and altogether "safer."

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