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Monday, September 22, 2008

Mr. Mojo Risin'

I'm going to try to make this a weekly Monday afternoon feature, but I need to hear back from Rotoworld before I provide more than a sample. It might be included in their Season Pass material, so I don't want to post the whole article here.

Whose Dynasty value is on the rise after the third Sunday of the season?

1. Brady Quinn, Browns - After high expectations, the Browns appear headed for a lost season while Derek Anderson takes a step backwards. A team in contention would stick with last year's savior, but a team in freefall will turn to the Mighty Quinn.

2. Aaron Rodgers, Packers - Rodgers is leading a talented Packers offense with poise, athleticism, accuracy, and quick-thinking. He's here to stay.
3. J.T. O'Sullivan, 49ers - Even after Mike Martz slapped the hyperbole whammy on him, JTO put up strong numbers for the second straight week. His lofty yards per attempt and completion numbers are promising, as are the rushing yards. It's looking more and more like the 49ers have stumbled upon their quarterback of the future.
4. Drew Stanton, Lions - Jon Kitna isn't long for the starting job, and it's their 2007 second round pick they'll to as opposed to bench fodder Dan Orlovsky.
5. Trent Edwards, Bills - J.P. Losman owners were crying in their beers last season, complaining that the Bills kept going with the second best quarterback on the team. The Bills, however, knew what they were doing all along. Edwards has the look of a promising young franchise quarterback.
6. Jason Campbell, Redskins - Campbell and Jim Zorn have turned the offense around after a Week 1 debacle.
7. Sage Rosenfels, Texans - The Practically Perfect Backup QB is worth rostering with starter Schaub struggling to mount an offensive attack.

1. Ronnie Brown, Dolphins -
2. Reggie Bush, Saints -
3. Matt Forte, Bears -
4. Felix Jones, Cowboys -
5. Julius Jones, Seahawks -
6. Steve Slaton, Texans -
7. Le'Ron McClain, Ravens -
8. Rudi Johnson, Lions -

1. Greg Jennings, Packers
2. Brandon Marshall, Broncos
3. Santana Moss, Redskins
4. Antonio Bryant, Buccaneers
5. Matt Jones, Jaguars
6. Jordy Nelson, Packers
7. Robert Meachem, Saints


1. Chris Cooley, Redskins
2. Anthony Fasano, Dolphins
3. Jerramy Stevens, Buccaneers

1. Rian Lindell, Bills


Anonymous said...

I like the list and I hope it does become a weekly feature.

A couple to add:

Philip Rivers, obviously that could be somewhat dependent on tonight's game, but judging by the 1st 2 weeks, the consensus was far too low for him. I'm not sure they are more than a half-dozen better QB's in a dynasty league.

Chris Perry, he seems to be their guy and has looked pretty good against arguably 3 of the top-5 defenses in the NFL. As the schedule eases up and the Bengals get more comfortable(seems to have started already) Perry could be a good RB2. He's always had the talent.

Marvin Harrison, this one seems weird to say, but he looks pretty good to me and he's just missing some huge plays. Its clear Manning still loves him and once they re-establish their timing(well placed bye week for them) I think Marvin could re-emerge as a great WR2 this season and maybe a season or 2 longer.

Tony Scheffler, you are already higher on him then most, and I wasn't a big believer going into the year, but he looks like a major talent and he's only scratching the surface. I wouldn't be surprised if he was in everyone's top-5 in a few weeks.

Chris Wesseling said...

I agree with most of those guys, and I think they all deserve bumps based on their early season work . . . but I was aiming for more of a Week 3 only feel here for Rotoworld reasons.

But it does seem unfair to the Week 1 & Week 2 risers.