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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Game Notes | Week 3: Jags @ Colts

It's going to be slow going for updates early in this game because I have to post the Rotoworld blurbs for the KC/ATL game. I'll pick up the pace by the second quarter hopefully.

Marvin Harrison is alive! Manning to Harrison for an early TD. Marvin's 124th career touchdown.

Dallas Clark is dominating the Colts receiving game early.

Jags running game is getting healthy against the Colts, but they need to find the end zone. MJD is the only Jags player to have caught a pass . . . and they're going to have to use their best offensive weapon even more if they're going to win this game.

Manning puts it right on Wayne's hands, and the Pro Bowler just drops it. He dropped a would-be 50-yard TD last week too.

4th & 1 and the Jags of course will go for it. They always go for it in this situation, but MJD is not in the game. That's trouble. He's their 4th down weapon . . . and Taylor is stuffed short of the line. Aggressive move, but not using MJD could come back to haunt. Jones-Drew is dominating the offense and already has over 100 combined yards.

Manning with a perfect throw down the sideline squeezing it into Reggie Wayne. Uh-oh, he follows that up with a pick-six to Rashean Mathis. Nice play by Mathis. He grabbed Marvin's jersey at the shoulder for leverage -- should have been a pass interference call, but it was done subtly. JAX takes the lead.

Addai having a nicer game that I thought he would. Manning is healthy enough for the Colts trademark stretch running play.

Manning's had Marvin Harrison open deep twice and has overthrown him both times. I wonder if Harrison catches both of those passes in 2006. I'm not sure, but you can't help but wonder.

Harrison is hopping mad and asks for the flag on Mathis. And, as usual, the refs oblige with some laundry. That works all too often.

Addai fed three times in a row inside the 10-yardline, and he makes it in for the TD behind center Jeff Saturday. Colts back in the lead.

Jags offensive gameplanning clearly left out the wide receivers. At halftime, Garrard has yet to attempt a pass to a wide receiver; in fact, only MJD and Marcedes Lewis have seen passes come their way.

Matt Jones gets into the action with an 8-yard reception, but the Jags will continue to rely on the run. A third-down conversion by Matt Jones. The Jags are playing a nice, methodical ball control offense right now -- all runs and short passes.

Ouch, David Garrard rolls out and throws one right into the waiting arms of Kelvin Hayden. Nice read by Hayden. That's four picks for Garrard already after only throwing three all season last year.

Manning puts up a floater and trades interceptions with Garrard. He's having trouble getting the ball to Marvin.

Reggie Nelson helped off the field with a knee injury after Brian Williams trucked him on that interception play.

Fred Taylor cuts back, breaks a few tackles, and goes 34 yards. Nice run. MJD finishes off the drive with a short TD run. This is shaping up to be the expected fantasy bonanza for Jones-Drew.

Three and out for the Colts. Jags have run 34 rushing plays and 13 passing plays. They're going to go back to that formula right here to try to keep Manning off the field.

Great diving catch by Matt Jones to convert the first down. I think he's earned the right to keep that starting job.

In the second half, the Jags have held the ball 22 minutes to the Colts two. MJD and Fred Taylor are both over 100 rushing yards on the day. Another 3rd down conversion to Matt Jones. He's a nice target when you need a first down.

A FG drive of 12:18 for the Jags. Colts have held the ball for just 3 minutes in the 2nd half, but they're going to get a shot to win it right here with Manning in a two-minute offense. He hasn't had his best game, but it's tough to bet against him in this situation.

Drayton Florence just absolutely leveled Dallas Clark right as the ball arrived. Clark is down and may have injured his back or shoulder. Looks like he's back in the game.

Nice drive by Manning and Marvin Harrison. Addai finishes it off with a 2-yard TD run, but there's plenty of time for a Jags FG drive here. Wonder how the Jags will do in the passing game after running all day long.

Not a good start to the final drive by the Jags. Dump-offs to Fred Taylor in the middle of the field aren't going to help. Why wouldn't you have MJD in the game as the pass-catching back? That makes no sense. Going to Mike Walker on a crucial 3rd down? Huh? Here's the game on 4th & 1. Terrible throw . . . but we have a game-saving flag for pass interference. Del Rio and Garrard bailed out here.

It's amazing that the Jags have a shot to win it here b/c Garrard hasn't looked so hot on this drive. Here's Scobee for 51 yards in a dome. Here comes the ice. And Scobee nails it.

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