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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Game Notes | Week 4: Houston @ Jacksonville

Jags 1st round pick Derrick Harvey is getting the start today at defensive end.

Jags punt returner Brian Witherspoon almost broke one right there. He's a dynamite returner.

What? Montell Owens quick snap fake punt 41-yard TD out of the single wing? That's crazy. Talk about a copy cat league.

Jerry Porter's first catch of his Jaguars career. He almost dropped it.

Jags D attacking Matt Schaub. I don't think they believe Schaub can make them pay.

Chris Taylor is a much bigger back than Steve Slaton. Nice one-cut run there, but he almost lost the ball at the end of the run.

Beautiful pass from Schaub to Owen Daniels. Schaub put it right on his hands. Can they punch it in from 10-yards out? That's been their bugaboo under Schaub? Not a great red zone QB. 2nd & long draw play to Chris Taylor . . . and it goes nowhwere. Who's calling these plays? Kris Brown 27-yard field goal.

Matt Schaub looks fine in this game. He's been held to short passes because nothing is open deep, but Schaub has been plenty accurate.

Wow, Schaub pump fake and finds Steve Slaton streaking down the sideline for a 30-yard TD. Nice play, and the Texans take the lead.

Demeco Ryans down on one knee with his helmet off, and the trainers are looking at him. No word on the injury as they break for commercial. Looks like a twisted right ankle. He's getting taped up, and it looks like he'll re-enter soon.

Jags haven't been able to run on the Texans. They need to feed Mo-jo. Meanwhile, the Texans are succeeding by using a ball control, time of possession offense.

Garrard looking Reggie Williams' way quite a bit early in this game. Mario Williams is getting double teamed on every passing play, and no one else on the Texans can rush the passer. Josh Scobee ties it at 10 with a 46-yard field goal right before the half. Texans are taking away the run and forcing the Jags to beat them with the pass. Can they do it?

The Jags love running "The Jones" route to their big receivers. Matt Jones slants from the outside to the middle, and it's a hard play to stop with such a big target. Nice catch later by Mike Walker. He's had a couple of targets today and may have passed Troy Williamson on the depth chart by now.

Maurice Jones-Drew big play for 19 yards. I know I sound like a broken record, but the Jags need to use him more to get their offense working on all cylinders. Garrard finds Matt Jones for a TD. I think Jones is a mainstay in this offense for 2008. He's a physical mismatch against the Texans corners this game . . . and I gotta tell ya, he's rockin' a pretty sweet mustache right now.

Schaub hasn't been able to get the ball to Andre Johnson yet. Pressure from rookies Groves & Harvey, plus the coverage of Rashean Mathis hasn't allowed for the Schaub-to-Johnson connection. And there's a pass interference against William James of the Jags on cue. He went through the receiver to knock the ball away.

Texans haven't had any O-Line problems today, but Slaton just got run over on a block attempt and got his QB hit on the play. Schaub play action fake and a 5-yard TD pass to Kevin Walter.

There's the Jones slant again for the Jags. That's becoming bread-n-butter in their offense. Marcedes Lewis has a pass bounce off his chest. Two targets today and two drops. Key first down pickup on the pass to MJD. Now they're using the Jones slant to Mike Walker. Garrard is throwing the ball a lot today. Another drop by Lewis although that was a bit tougher. He still should have caught it. Scobee nails it from 40 yards.

Schaub has been too willing to tuck and run in this game. He had plenty of time on that play but couldn't find anybody open. He ended up fumbling on the play after grabbing a few yards.

Chris Taylor just grabbed his leg after getting hit, and it's a quick wave to the sideline for the trainers. Owen Daniels with a big gainer. Dick Enberg has lost it: "Slater on the sidelines with the knee injury." First of all, it's Chris Taylor not Slaton. Secondly, it's not the pot head in Dazed & Confused. It's Slaton, not Slater. Next time, just use George Jetson's boss' name. At least that's closer.

Kevin Walter is having a big game, targeted heavily while Andre Johnson disappears. Owen Daniels with one of the most impressive 2-yard catches you'll ever see. And there's another TD to Walter. Big, big game today.

Rashean Mathis out with a bruised shin.

Marcedes Lewis with another dropped pass, his 4th of the day -- but we can probably chalk that one up to a nice play by Demeco Ryans.

4th & 8 inside the 20, and the Jags are going to go for it down 4 points. Garrard scrambles and makes the first down. First and goal at the 9. Nice play. Jags are an awesome 4th down team, and that's been a major factor in their success over the past 20 games or so. Another delayed scramble for Garrard, and then a planned QB draw for a TD. The Jags let Garrard take over that drive, and he delivered on the ground and in the air. Three point lead with 1:48 left in the game.

Schaub brings the Texans down to field goal territory, and it's going to be about a 46 yard attempt for Kris Brown with 6 seconds left. Brown drills it for the tie, and we're going to overtime. Free football!

Jags win the toss. I don't think the Texans can stop them on defense. Garrard scrambles on the first play. That's four straight running attempts for Garrard. Matt Jones with another key third-down conversion on a nice backside throw by Garrard. Greg Jones for 22 yards, and the Jags are going to kick for the win here on 2nd down. Scobee right down the middle, and the Jags win it. Good quarterbacking on both sides today.


jmc said...

Congrats on getting a good game this weekend!

Chris Wesseling said...

Thanks. I've got Direct TV due to be installed soon, so I should be getting a much better choice on game coverage. This is going to spoil me. . .