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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Game Notes | Opening Night: Redskins @ Giants

The return of "Game Notes"? Why not . . . let's give this a shot.

Ummm -- Carlos Rogers is playing on one knee, and LaRon Landry is playing on one hamstring. Didn't take long for the Giants to figure out what to do with Plax.

Brandon Jacobs head-slaps a Redskins defender after the play, right in front of the refs and everybody . . . no penalty. So that's allowed now?

God, it pains me to say it, but Eli still looks cool under pressure. Can he really be a totally different QB starting in Week 16 of 2007?

Eli waltzes in off the bootleg after a pass interference call in the endzone.

Justin Tuck is on some kind of roll. It still hasn't registered that he didn't win the Super Bowl MVP.

Bad feelings about the Redskins offense in this game, starting yesterday with Mike Lombardi's game notes. I'm gonna kick myself for starting Chris Cooley even though I wanted no part of this match-up.

Jacobs shows questionable hands on that bobble and drop. Derrick Ward -- not Ahmad Bradshaw -- takes over on 3rd down. Maddens says play called specifically for Ward.

Nobody is bothering with Plax. He's running free in the secondary. LaRon Landy might never try to tackle Brandon Jacobs again. It's not advised.

I thought Bradshaw/Ward might cut into Jacobs' value this year after Bradshaw's considerable role in the playoff run last year. Not so. Jacobs is dominating the carries early in this game. Just as I say that, Jacobs exits for D. Ward on 3rd and short . . . and is stuffed by London Fletcher.

Giants' LB Danny Clark is a black guy. Didn't see that one coming.

Redskins offense is a mess . . . another penalty.

Did I just see a football commercial with a watered down version of Morrissey's "Every Day is Like Sunday" in the background? Not quite as wrong as using "Fortunate Son" in a flag-draping Wrangler jeans commercial, but still an ill fit.

Sinorice Moss lives! And he couldn't have been more wide open. The Redskins haven't done anything right in this game.

Eli's got all day to throw . . . and Fred Smoot just drops an interception right in his breadbasket.

And there goes Jacobs for another 24 yards. Nice of the Redskins to show up for the Opening Night on national TV. God, they're even worse than I thought. I gave them entirely too much credit.

Fred Smoot is making Al Harris look like the Plaxico Burress Stopper.

Jason Campbell finally completes a pass -- only 2 minutes before halftime.

Santana Moss touchdown! Yessir! Started him in a couple of leagues. I would have never drafted him the last couple of years, but he was such a bargain this year. Remind me to dump him in a trade ASAP b/c I have no faith in this passing offense.

Oooof! There's the old Eli. Throws a horrible interception under pressure.

Fourth quarter and still no Ahmad Bradshaw. If tonight is any indication, Jacobs is going to get a steady 15 carries every week with Ward spelling him effectively off the bench. I think that bodes well for Jacobs' value.

Smoot leaves with a hip-pointer. He's currently sitting in the corner of the locker room thinking about what he did after Plax used him as a personal whoppin' boy throughout the first half.

What can you say about Jim Zorn's new offense? Disjointed? Awful? Coming along slowly? Not yet mastered by his quarterback?

A headbutt to Antonio Pierce's helmet-less head, and the penalty isn't called. So if this game is any indications, after the play shenanigans will not be penalized. Interesting.

Plax ties career-high with 10 catches. What's the time of possession difference in this game? The Redskins never have the ball. I think Plax has earned a bump in the rankings. I had him too low. . . .

What's with the Redskins playcalling? Down 2 scores with 5 minutes left, and they're running it into the line? I am officially seriously down on this offense. A Chris Cooley catch -- look at that.

Brad Speiser says Clinton Portis looked slow on that long run. He can't break a huge play anymore. I noticed that last year, but he's still a good running back . . . just a bit limited in big play ability anymore.

How do you let Jacobs get that first down when he was stopped initially 4-5 yards short? Skins fans watching this game now realize how Bengals fans have felt since the 90s began. What an embarrassment.

You know when your offense sucks? When you're going to James Thrash deep for a desperate big play attempt with under a minute left in the game. Seriously? James Thrash?

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Twin Killing dot Com said...

I just finished my little Skins-Giants write up and checked to see what you had to say. I had a good chuckle when I noticed that you took a shot at James Thrash, as well.

Is there any way the Jim Zorn era ends well?