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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Notes: Playoffs Week One

I have the late game for Rotoworld today, but I couldn't pass up this early day nugget:

ESPN's pre-game show had Tom Jackson and Emmit Smith breaking down the SD/TEN game, and it's worth noting that both "analysts" gave Norv Turner the coaching edge over Jeff Fisher.

These guys get paid for that analysis.

Jeff Fisher may be the second best coach in the NFL. No matter. Emmit decided that Norvert deserved the edge because of his playoff experience as offensive coordinator. Don't ask him why Norvert has so little playoff experience as a head coach.

I seem to remember Jeff Fisher taking a wild card Titans team to the Super Bowl in 2000. Hell, Jeff Fisher has five playoff wins as a head coach compared to a whopping one (over the Lions) for old Norvert. But Emmit Smith did not play under Jeff Fisher. He played under Norvert.

If ESPN is going to persist in employing the King's English Butcher, they ought to at least change his title from analyst to Official Cowboys Booster. As Emmit says, "I can't go back to Dallas if I don't support them on this show." Grow up, Emmit. You're in the big tent with the big boys now. You get paid to give a knowledgeable opinion, not to wave the Cowboys flag.

It seems the beer and pick-up truck commercials are doing even more than their usual fellating of the "fallacy of the innocent past" today. To summarize: everything was much better back in grand-daddy's time, and I'm not going to go changing just because the rest of the world is so directionless in these wanton and unfaithful times. As subtle as the loud-mouthed drunk in the corner.

Well, that one didn't go well for me. Gruden and Kiffen had great game plans to open up, but give credit to Coughlin, Gilbride, and Spagnola who adjusted their own game plans by the second quarter and dominated the rest of the way. I can't believe I'm saying this, but give credit to Eli Manning as well. Tampa Bay's game plan was obviously to sell out against the run and make the pressure-frightened Eli beat them. That plan didn't work. Eli stepped up when it became clear the Giants would have to pass to win. I don't have to like it, but those are the facts.

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