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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Game Notes: Giants @ Cowpokes

I'm not sure how long I'm going to last blogging this game, but let's give a shot.

Eli folds like a cheap suit. I say that every week, I know. But that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Boy, that would be like a punch in the advertising world's kidney if both Mannings lose this week. "Unstoppable. Eli Manning is." That commercial kills me. I'll be rolling on the floor if I see that one during this game.

I'm feeling unusually hateful for some reason to today. Would it count as poetic justice for the Chargers organization to beat a Manning-led team and to have Eli lose on the same day? Please make it happen.

I hope Joe Buck chokes on his mic and loses his voice box. I wonder if he's over the Randy Moss faux-mooning yet. Boy, he took that one hard.

Eli throws off his back foot after backpedaling. What were the odds?

Topics covered on chat with Brad during pre-game:
1. According to Brad, Eli is "such an uninspiring turd."
2. How many NFL players has Fox's Pam Oliver, um, been with?
3. What's the over/under on Roy Williams horse collars today?

Nice tackling, idiots.

Ahmad Bradshaw is an interesting guy for dynasty leaguers. He's blocked by Jacobs, and Derrick Ward is a RFA. It makes you wonder if Ward will be back and how involved Bradshaw will be in the offense. He's got some intriguing skills, and Jacobs is constantly getting banged up.

By the way, Del Rio & Belichick would go for it here.

So after two coaching regimes and two full seasons, the Cowboys have finally decided to start Marion Barber over Julius Jones. What was the decisive factor there? Talk about overdue...

Duane Pulliam with a good question on chat: can Barber run like that for 20-25 carries every game and stay healthy? I've always figured that was why the coaching staffs in Dallas have tried to limit his carries. His physical style has to take a toll on his body.

I've been called a "Hater" with regard to Eli Manning. And you know what? I hated Craig Whelihan too...

Eli, gulp, stepping up again. How about Amani Toomer's play in the playoffs? I thought he was done for good after last season's injury.

Giants back out in front after Jacobs lumbers in. Romo to Witten & T.O. coming up...

Oooh, Webster gets a finger on that bomb or T.O. is taking it to the house. Good catch by Crayton.

Lack of notes in this game well summed up by Brad on chat: "this game has been a fairly stupid game to watch. At least it's close." True. It has one redeeming quality...barely.

Romo has to throw that ball away. He's going to have a lot of questions to answer if he loses this game.

Onions! Romo goes for it all on 3rd down, and then gets bailed out by a penalty. Intentional grounding, not a memorable drive for Romo here. . . .but he's hanging on, for now. The word "disjointed" comes to mind watching Romo on this drive.

I'm not sure what's going on with the Cowboys offense. Romo had T.O. deep there but it was severely underthrown. Wonder if Jessica Simpson dumps Romo for Volek after this game?

Kudos to Aikman: "I think the Giants are making it easy on the Cowboys here by being so conservative." Give that guy a raise.

Romo with a handy flip to Witten, but what the hell's going on with their clock management? Very peculiar game for the Cowboys especially the last two drives. And Duane calls "Joe Nash" on the Giants here...

Wow, refs keep the clock running. You never see that call in the last minute of a game. I'm not sure about that call. No timeouts left for the Cowboys. That hurts. They're going to have to get lucky here.

Ooh, I thought we were going to have a replay of the Steve Young to Terrell Owens last second play in the endzone. Not to be. Romo is going to get grilled in the presses. . . .and I have to give Eli credit once again. I hate when that happens.

Thanks a lot, Fox. I feel so used. I need a smoke break or something after four hours of football coverage, and you move right on to some lame Sunday night movie. At least hang around to talk to me. I need to be held.

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