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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Master BBQ/Grilling Info

Top 10 Skills to Master Your Grill
Essentials for Grillin and Chillin
Big Green Egg Wise One Recipe Book
Big Green Egg Temperatures
The "Stoker" Remote Temperature Gauge
BBQ Islands
Maverick Digital Remote Thermometer
Meat Charts
Big Green Egg Table Gallery
How to Build a Table for Your Big Green Egg

High-Volume Grilling
Low Maintenance Grilling for Crowds

Appetizers and Sides
Atomic Buffalo Turds (Jalopenos)
Smoked Armadillo Eggs
Grilled Romaine Lettuce

Tipsy McStagger's Spoon Bread with Honey Butter

Pork Shoulder/Pork
Pork Butt: Selection & Preparation
Pulled Pork Recipes
Pork Butt: The Renowned Mr. Brown
Pork Butt: Slathered with Mustard & Rub
Pork Butt: Championship Injection
Quick Cook Boston Butt
Quick Cook Boston Butt No. 2
Pull off at 185-190?
Pulled Pork Timetable
Pulled Pork Timetable No. 2
Brush vs. Spray
Grilled Pork Tenderloin

Best Ribs in the Universe a/k/a BRITU
Fast-cooked, Dry Memphis Style vs. Slow-cooked
World Famous Rendezvous Dry BBQ Ribs
World Famous Rendezvous Dry BBQ Ribs 2
Rendezvous Ribs @ Grillinfools.com
Nine Rib Recipes @ Grillinfools.com
Mike Mills' Beef Ribs
Apple City Barbecue World Champion Ribs
Grillin Fools' Old School Ribs
Grillin Fools' Country Style Ribs
"Country Style" (Pork Butt) Ribs
Honey Spiced Country Style Ribs
Know Your Smokin' Woods
Beef Recipes
The Bacon Explosion
Fatty No. 2
Fatty No. 3
Prime Rib Recipe
Paul Kirk's Kansas City Brisket


Flame Searing
TRex's Steak Searing Method
"The Perfect Steaks" Big Green Egg Recipe
Andria's Steak Method
BBQ Pit Boys Porterhouse Steak Vid
Sliced Ribeye Sammiches

Proscuito Burger
Extraordinary Simple Burger
The 10 Essential Steps to the Perfect Cheeseburger

Simmering Brats and Sausages

Spatchcocking How-to
Basic Chicken Breast with Italian Dressing
Big Green Egg Dutch Oven Chicken
Brining and Smoking a Whole Bird
Caribbean Jerk & Other Recipes
Brant's Brined Beer-Butt Bird

Chicken Wings
Direct, Then Slow
Super Smokers Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wings

Pizza / Breads
Big Green Egg Calzone
Chicago Style Pizza Recipe


Sauces and Rubs
Willingham's Original Mild Dry Rub
Willingham's @ Saucehog.com
Bad Byron's Butt Rub
Allegro Marinade
Andria's Steak Sauce
Gates Family Kansas City Barbecue Sauce Recipe
Mike Mills' Apple City Barbecue Sauce Recipe
Mike Mills Original 17th Street Barbecue Sauce (Order)
Mike Mills Magic Dust (Order)
Mike Mills' Magic Dust Recipe  
Big Bob Gibson's White Sauce
All-Purpose Dry Rub
One Way to Develop Barbecue Sauce
Roxy's Mustard Vinegar Sauce
Rendezvous Rib Rub 
Charlie Vergos Rendezvous Rub (Order)

Miscellaneous Blogs/Sites

Grillin' Fools
Grillin' Fools Cook for Food Critic
The Official 2008 Grilling & BBQ Thread
The Official 2009 Grilling & BBQ Thread
Footballguys Big Green Egg Thread
Egghead Forum
Naked Whiz Ceramic Charcoal Cooking FAQ
Cookin' Canuck
The BBQ Brethren Forum
Big Green Egg Reviews

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