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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Game Notes | Week 16: Dolphins @ Chiefs

Tyler Thigpen - Throws into double coverage for Gonzalez, picked by Andre Goodman. Inaccurate early. Fantastic playfake to Larry Johnson and floated one just enough in double coverage to Devard Darling for the TD. Showing a tendency to put the ball in danger. 75-yard screen pass to Jamaal Charles. Another one thrown up for grabs, and Goodman should have picked it. Up for grabs again, and Darling pulls it in for 32 yards. Thigpen scrables for 27 yards, and then answers that with a QB-draw touchdown and he's up to 57 rushing yards in the first half. Another one thrown up for grabs, picked off by Nathan Jones. Almost intercepted again -- Thigpen could have a dozen picks so far if the Dolphins DBs could hold on.

Larry Johnson - 2-yard touchdown set up by a 75-yard screen to Jamaal Charles. Lots of room to run on that shotgun-draw handoff out of the spread.

Tony Gonzalez - Powered his way in for an 8-yard touchdown.

Dwayne Bowe

Mark Bradley - Isolated deep on back-to-back plays, but Andre Goodman broke them up. Targeted deep again on a touch pass, but the corner knocks it away again. Finally a connection on a 37-yard bomb.

Jamaal Charles - 75-yard screen pass, tackled at the 2-yard line. Another screen for 18 yards to close out the half.

Chad Pennington - Beautiful pass in the end zone over a couple of defenders where only a leaping David Martin could catch it. Three questionable throws in a row to close out the first half, the final one gets picked off.

Ronnie Brown - Biggest impact came in the passing game, where he had one run knocking over the ref and leapfrogging a defender.

Ricky Williams - Found the edge on a 4-yard touchdown after Patrick Cobbs' 44-yard Wildcat run set the Dolphins up for the score.

Davone Bess

Ted Ginn - Takes the first play to the house on an end around reverse for 31 yards after a long kickoff return by Patrick Cobbs.

David Martin - Acrobatic leaping catch in the end zone by the former basketball player.

Anthony Fasano - Broke a tackle on a short pass and took it into the end zone for a 14-yard TD. Miami grabs the lead on another (one-handed) 14-yard touchdown catch. Fasano has twin 14-yard TDs where he carried bull-dozed his way into the end zone.

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