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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Game Notes | Week 17: Seahawks @ Cardinals

Seneca Wallace - Flushed from the pocket, throwing on the run, hits Ralph Brown for an opening drive interception. Got lit up as he made a great throw to Deion Branch in the back of the end zone. There are worse starters around the league. Wallace's last three or four games have created a body of work that says he deserves an opportunity down the road. Used athleticism to buy time for second TD to Branch.

Maurice Morris -

Julius Jones -

Deion Branch - Made a fantastic catch in the corner of the end zone with Rod Hood faceguarding him. Wide open for 2nd touchdown on 4th & goal in the fourth quarter.

Bobby Engram -

Koren Robinson -

John Carlson -

Kurt Warner -Fumbling bugaboos reappeared on the first drive of the game. Sloppy performance early. Found Jerhame Urban in the end zone.

Matt Leinart -

Tim Hightower -Losing carries to Edgerrin James.

Edgerrin James - Gave the team a boost in late in last week's game and got early carries this week. Back in the picture as the possible lead back.

J.J. Arrington -

Larry Fitzgerald - Caught a trade mark jump ball for a 43-yard gain to get the Cardinals' passing game on track. Took a wide receiver screen and bulldozed his way into the end zone. One-handed circus catch showed why nobody in the league has better hands. Another sick circus catch for a TD on a bomb.

Anquan Boldin -

Steve Breaston - Sheds a tackle and breaks free for the touchdown.

Jerheme Urban - Corner touchdown on a nice pass from Warner.

Leonard Pope -

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