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Monday, January 5, 2009

Quote of the Day | January 5, 2009: You Gotta Tear Down the Old. . .

From Northern Exposure's 1994 episode "Up River":

JOEL: So, I gather you're over your anxiety about the remodel, huh?

CHRIS: Yeah, well, that remodel shock's a distant nightmare. Great lesson. Real watershed, though, you know?

JOEL: No, what do you mean?

CHRIS: Well, guy like me tries to get his space together, put a three-piece suit on it, and the universe, with its big ursine paws, just slaps it down like a house of cards, you know, and it ruins everything. Next thing you know I'm homeless, cast out like some sap kneeling in the mud.

WILLY: I finished the steps.

CHRIS: OK. Thanks, Willy.

JOEL: Well . . .

CHRIS: Thing is, Joel, what's a house? It's a metaphor, right? For the mind. Isn't that what it's all about? You gotta tear down the old before you can build the new, you know? You gotta lose your mind before you can find it. The universe whacked my house, it was really whacking my mind, you see. Let go, give up, man. Throw out all those old plans and stick your face in the here and now. And whether this works out, or it doesn't, I'm a free man.

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