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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Offensive Outlook for 2009

Per request on the FBG boards, some notes on which offenses are likely to change in 2009:

MIA - Should remain run-heavy
NE - McDaniels may leave, but it's still the Belichick system
NYJ - New coaching staff, but likely to stay run-heavy with a good O-Line, Jones/Washington, and possibly a draft pick RB
BUF - Will remain run-heavy with Lynch/Jackson

PIT - Same, but should be more effective running the ball
BAL - Run-heavy, but Flacco will get a longer leash
CIN - Should be more WR-friendly
CLE - Too early to tell, passing game will bounce back somewhat. Who runs the ball?

TEN - Will remain run-heavy
IND - Same as always
HOU - Similar, but may run a bit more with a bigger back joining Slaton
JAX - Too early to tell on offseason acquisitions, but should return to running roots

SD - Moving to a heavier passing offense
DEN - Too early to tell, but probably a sea-change with Shanny leaving
OAK - Russell should be given more leeway
KC - Spread probably ditched

NYG - Will remain run-heavy
PHI - Same as long as Reid/McNabb remain
DAL - Should stay the same; if Garrett leaves could be more run-heavy
WAS - I have no idea, but I assume Portis-based

MIN - Don't know who will be brought in to QB, but still Peterson/Taylor heavy
CHI - Should remain run-heavy
GB - Passing game friendly
DET - Who knows? Calvin Johnson & Kevin Smith are all they have

CAR - Now definitely run-heavy with bombs to Steve Smith throw in
ATL - Could see a bump in pass opps with Ryan getting comfy
TB - Same old Gruden offense
NO - Same old Payton offense, but maybe a slight uptick in running game

ARI - Should stay pass happy to suit offensive talent
SF - Definitely moving to run-heavy attack
SEA - West coast offense; new OC Knapp has history of strong rushing attacks
STL - Should be very run-heavy in '09

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