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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tight End Rankings: April 19, 2008


[98] #Antonio Gates SD 28.3 - When healthy, he's been a tier unto himself among tight ends. Chargers offense could have a tough time working out the cobwebs early with so many key components returning from injury.
[93] Kellen Winslow II CLE 25.1 - Similar to Frank Gore in that many believe he will age quickly due to the seriousness of past leg injuries, but that's mere speculation for now and he's producing like a stud.
[93] Jason Witten DAL 26.4 - A great bet to stay heavily involved in the offense, if not quite as impressively as in '07.

[85] Chris Cooley WAS 26.2 - How will he produce in the West Coast offense with a new head coach? He's a terrific red zone weapon, and a consistent bet for 65-70 receptions and 750 yards.
[79] Todd Heap BAL 28.5 - One of the best buy-lows of the off-season at any position; even with putrid QB play, Heap has been a difference maker when healthy.
[78] Dallas Clark IND 29.2 - Long-term contract offers very good dynasty value in Colts offense; will he be used as heavily as he was last season, or was that a one-year aberration?
[77] Vernon Davis SF 24.5 - Kept up statistically with guys like Heath Miller & Jeremy Shockey over the second half of '07 and offers much more upside.
[76] Tony Gonzalez KC 32.5 - Hasn't slowed down yet, but turns 33 during the season and has major QB issues.
[74] Tony Scheffler DEN 25.5 - Young, athletic Heap clone as a receiver benefits from an obvious rapport with Cutler and stands to build on outstanding second half numbers.

[67] Jeremy Shockey NYG 28.1 - Could be seen as a very good buy-low as flavor of the month Kevin Boss isn't nearly as talented, but there's a definite injury factor here; sounds more and more like a good possibility of a draft weekend trade out of New York.
[66] Heath Miller PIT 25.9 - Great red zone option and very good in the open field, but he just doesn't see consistent enough targets to move to the next level.
[63] Owen Daniels HOU 25.8 - A major component of the Texans passing attack, but he needs to be more involved in the red zone game plan.
[60] Ben Watson NE 27.7 - Running out of time to make good on that tremendous promise. Very good big-play ability, and a nice red zone target, but his poor hands often leave him without the trust of his QB.
[55] Greg Olsen CHI 23.5 - Showed promise on that 1st round talent, but he worked much better with Griese and Desmond Clark re-signed to bleed value from Olsen.
[53] Zach Miller OAK 22.7 - One of the few bright spots in the Raiders offense, he had rookie teammate JaMarcus Russell's attention when the two of them played together in Weeks 16 & 17.

[43] Donald Lee GB 28.0 - 2007 is flashing "career year" in bright neon lights, especially with Rodgers taking over for Favre.
[42] Alge Crumpler TEN 30.7 - Becomes the safety valve for another subpar passer, but he was always able to take that and make it valuable with Vick
[39] L.J. Smith PHI 28.4 - Could bounce back in '08, but not much security here if he doesn't sign a long-term deal with the Eagles.
[35] Marcedes Lewis JAX 24.3 - Not heavily involved in the Jags offense, but expecting steady, continued improvement isn't unreasonable.

[21] Ben Troupe TB 26.0 - Buccaneers hoping he pushes Alex Smith to the sidelines more often; Troupe has had some obvious issues over the past couple of seasons, but the upside is there if he can put it all together.
[21] Alex Smith TB 26.3 - Talented but always left his NFL team and his fantasy owners wanting more; now in a dogfight with Troupe for his job.
[17] Leonard Pope ARI 25.0 - Fantastic red zone weapon at 6'7", but he's just not used enough between the twenties.
[16] Jeff King CAR 24.5 - Worth more in PPR leagues, but not dynamic or well-rounded enough to do much more than he did in '07.
[15] Randy McMichael STL 29.2 - McMichael had only five of 16 games last season with more than two receptions; not enough TDs or targets in the Rams offense.
[14] Ben Utecht CIN 27.2 - TE2 possibility as easily the best receiving tight end of the Carson Palmer/Marvin Lewis era Bengals. Some are expecting him to be used as Palmer's version of Dallas Clark, but he's not that talented and the Bengals don't use their tight ends as much as the Colts do.
[12] Desmond Clark CHI 31.4 - Still putting up interesting numbers, but he's already 31-years-old with Olsen hot on his heels for the starting job while siphoning production in the meantime.
[11] Anthony Fasano MIA 24.5 - Finally a shot to start in Miami, but how good is he really? And will the Dolphins offense put up any points this season?
[11] Chris Baker NYJ 28.8 - Seems like he could put up better numbers if the Jets would concentrate on getting him the ball more often, but he hasn't exactly been a difference-maker.
[10] #Dave Thomas NE 25.2 - Nice sleeper stash if Watson's hands continue to leave doubts about his game.
[10] Kevin Boss NYG 24.7 - Draft day Shockey trade would leave Boss as the starter.

[5] Joe Klopfenstein STL 24.8 - McMichael's caddy for now.
[5] Daniel Graham DEN 29.8 - He blocks while Scheffler catches passes.
[5] Eric Johnson NO 29.0 - Slowly weeded out of the offense last season, but brought back again.
[5] Bo Scaife TEN 27.6 - Never had much of a ceiling and now blocked by Crumpler.

[3] Martrez Milner ATL 24.1 - Crumpler's replacement is the new receiving tight end in Atlanta.
[3] Kris Wilson PHI 27.0 - Former 2nd rounder could be L.J. Smith's 2009 successor . . . or he could stay at Full Back/H-Back.
[2] #Brent Celek PHI 23.7
[2] Visanthe Shiancoe MIN 28.3
[1] Matt Spaeth PIT 24.8
[1] Bryan Fletcher IND 29.5
[1] Ben Patrick ARI 24.1
[1] Delanie Walker SF 24.1
[1] Jerramy Stevens TB (U) 28.8

1. Martellus Bennett, Texas A&M - 6'7", 253 | 21.5
2. Dustin Keller, Purdue - 6'4", 240 | 23.9
3. Fred Davis, USC - 6'3", 250 | 22.7
4. John Carlson, Notre Dame - 6'6", 255 | 24.3
5. Brad Cottam, Tennessee - 6'7", 271 | 23.8
6. Jermichael Finley, Texas - 6'5", 236 | 21.5
7. Martin Rucker, Missouri - 6'6", 255 | 23.4


Anonymous said...

Chris Cooley is maybe the most intriguing player to me. He is a great deal better than the rest of tier 2, but may not be ready for tier 1 status, maybe he should get a tier to himself?

I think with Gibbs/Saunders leaving and Zorn coming in bringing the West Coast system, the passing attempts will rise. The issue for the Redskins is that its typically bigger, physical WR's that excel in that offense and they don't have any. That should result in an even bigger reliance on Cooley. I could see him having a Witten-like breakthrough finishing with something like 80-1000-8.

Tony Scheffler seems high to me, I like him, but Shockey and Miller both have better track records and aren't that much older. Between Jackson, Colbert and Parker, Scheffler might not see enough looks to be that productive especially when he losing playing time due to graham's run-blocking skills.

Again, love the site, keep up the good work!

Chris Wesseling said...

Cooley is another tier tweener, you're right. I don't buy the Witten-like breakthrough theory, but his normal production is just fine and dandy. He's the textbook definition of solid, and he's a hell of a redzone weapon. I don't have as much confidence in Campbell or Zorn though.

Look at Scheffler's average weekly score the 2nd half of the season compared to the guys you've mentioned . . . and I know you're not truly worried about Keary Colbert or Sammie Parker affecting anybody's value. Come on.

I like both Heath Miller and Shockey, but they're not without issues themselves. Miller is way too inconsistent b/c of the offense -- he throws in too man total clunkers.

Shockey is always banged up. I like him, but what's his future? Awfully nebulous there...

Anonymous said...

Wow! My mistake, I didn't really realize Scheffler was so effective down the stretch. I only remembered the Texans game I think. 5 games with more than 5 catches after the bye, looks like I was underrating him a bit. He does deserve to be ahead of Miller. I still don't know about Shockey but by next week I kind of expect him to be a Saint.

I might be a little high saying a Witten-like breakthrough, but I think Cooley could easily surprise with a career year.

Chris Wesseling said...

I don't disagree on Cooley. I don't think a career year is unreasonable, but I also don't have a warm, fuzzy feeling about Jason Campbell & Jim Zorn this year . . . so I'm not "expecting" a career year for Cooley.

Hell, I hope he does b/c I traded for him at the end of last season.

Chris Wesseling said...
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