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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rotoworld's Draft Guide Is Here!

Rotoworld has had their on-line Draft Guide up and running since early June, which is much earlier than ever. I read Rotoworld's "Why should you buy the Rotoworld Draft Guide" earlier this week, and I immediately hopped on AIM chat to tell Gregg Rosenthal I thought he and the higher-ups did a fantastic job of outlining Rotoworld's edge in quality. I don't think any of us in the business really enjoy having to sell our products with obvious pats on the back and tooting of our own horn, and I know Gregg would much prefer to concentrate on the pure football analysis as opposed to drafting an article selling the product. Still, I told him that even though I've never been one for purchasing pre-season guides, his Draft Guide intro convinced me that it was easily the best option for those who want an edge on the competition to put themselves over the top.

I mentioned to Gregg that I always thought Footballguys.com had the market edge on information simply because they have the capability to overload in that area. But, I told Gregg, even before I started working for Rotoworld, I always thought they had it all over Footballguys and the other sites as far as analysis and opinion goes. We're a smaller operation, but it's nice to be working for an outfit you believe in. As far as I'm concerned, Rotoworld is still putting out the best and most accurate analysis in the business.

Screenshots of the 550+ profiles, stat projections, custom cheats, mock drafts, print on demad PDF's.

In other news, the early edition of the award-winning Beckett/Rotoworld magazine should be on stands now. I'm proud to announce that I have a couple of feature articles in that one. The later, July, edition should be available soon, and I did "Handcuffs" and "Mock Draft Analysis" articles for that one in addition to the dynasty rankings.

Here is Rotoworld's intro for their online Draft Guide:

Why should you buy the Rotoworld Draft Guide

The Most Accurate Rankings

In two separate independent studies during 2007, Rotoworld's rankings beat the competition.

Sara Holladay, the blogger behind FFLibrarian.com, performed a study while writing for NYTimes.com. She evaluated 15 of the leading fantasy football site's preseason rankings for accuracy.

Rotoworld beat them all, finishing first using two methods: Top-100 rankings and by combining all the position rankings. (We also finished first at running back and wide receiver.)

FFToday.com ran a season-long column called "Analyzing the Experts." They evaluated the weekly rankings of five leading sites, including ESPN, Fox, and Yahoo. While the study looked at a limited number of regular season rankings, we won the competition, leading wire-to-wire.

Constantly updated rankings and Projections

Player value is not static, so your draft guide shouldn't be either. If an injury happens, our rankings and projections will reflect the change. If a player climbs the depth chart, he is likely to climb our projections as well.

So many owners fail at fantasy football because they go to a draft with stale cheat sheets. In early June alone, players like Selvin Young, Kurt Warner, Willis McGahee, and Reggie Wayne have all seen a change in value. Over 550 players are ranked, projected, and profiled.

Customized Cheats Sheets

There are almost as many fantasy football scoring systems as there are fantasy football leagues. And if you are using a cheat sheet that isn't tailored to your specific league, you are getting inaccurate rankings. Use your scoring system and our projections to create easy-to-print cheat sheets for your league.

Our Exclusive Tiering System

We will give you hundred of pages of profiles, columns, and statistics. But we get a ton of emails every year from owners who say they simply printed out our Tiering System and won their league with that.

Each draft is different, and our tiering system gives owners flexible strategies to win at every position. Tiers recognize that it's not just who you take, but getting value when you take them, and who might be available with your later picks.

The Deepest Content

Where do we start? Beyond our in-depth player and team profiles, we have columns on the fantasy impact of all the coaching changes, free agent moves, sleepers, busts, injuries, rookies, and Mock Drafts you can handle. We have extensive coverage of Individual Defensive Players (IDP), Dynasty leagues, and we ask burning questions to beat writers around the country.

We will continue to add content all the way until Week 1, with expanded Strength of Schedule analysis, Average Draft Position data, and strategy articles. Like the projections, all the content is ever-changing and will be updated until the season starts.

Award Winning Quality

Fantasy football is not a second job for us. Our primary football writers cover the sport year-round, giving a depth of quality. There is no crash course before each season as our "experts" catch up with what's happening. We've been following every story, every day. If you don't believe us, just check out the hardware given to Rotoworld in the last year.

  • Fantasy Sports Trade Association winner for Best Online Draft Guide
  • Fantasy Sports Trade Association winner for Best Website
  • Fantasy Sports Writer's Association Fantasy Football Writer of the Year award for Gregg Rosenthal

    We love football

    It sounds simple enough. Of course we love football. Who doesn't? But a lot of websites seem to love being "experts" or selling their games more than creating content.

    Loving football keeps us posting news updates past 1 AM and covering every player possible on Sunday. Loving football keeps us digging for the nugget on a fourth-string running back that will turn your season around. Loving football keeps us humble with the knowledge that we'll never have all the answers, so we better keep looking for the truth behind the headlines.

    That's why we continue to be the most trafficked and completely free fantasy news on the web. That in-depth and timely news helps inform every page of the draft guide.
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