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Monday, July 20, 2009

Sports Data Hub: Fantasy Points Since 2006

After stumbling across SportsDataHub.com last week, I immediately added them to my RSS Reader and have enjoyed quite a few of their articles. Today's feature, Fantasy Points Since 2006, piqued my interest on several players:

- Despite missing a full season, Tom Brady still ranks 12th among all players over the past three seasons.

- As author Kyle Smith points out: "Additionally, this will also tell you a little something about Eli Manning, despite the fact he has 68 touchdown throws over the past two seasons, how overrated he is from a fantasy perspective." It's also why I pound the pulpit on issues such as Kurt Warner's value vs. a mediocre option like Eli. Quarterbacks who don't finish in the Top 6 or 8 in points per game just aren't worth that much because they're putting you at a competitive disadvantage on a weekly basis. Warner may be a short-term solution, but, by definition, that beats the hell out of a long-term competitive disadvantage.

- Loyal followers of this blog can feel free to raise their hand to following question posed by the author:

The fact that LaDainian Tomlinson is No. 1 on this list is about as predictable as a reality star deciding they want to get into acting. But raise your hand if you figured that Steven Jackson would have the third-most fantasy points among backs and fifth-most in the entire league over the past three seasons. If you’re raising your hand right now, you probably not only look pretty dumb, you’re also not telling the truth.
I've often used talent and points per game for my defense of S-Jax's always-high Dynasty ranking, but it turns out he needs no defense. Despite the fluke injuries, he's fifth overall in total points over the past few seasons and No. 3 among running backs.

- More from the author:
Should you learn anything from each of the running backs on this list for your upcoming fantasy draft, it should be this - receptions are important. Each back on this list is adept at catching the ball out of the backfield.
Bingo! That's exactly why I've been hesitant to place Michael Turner in the top tier and another reason why I remain high on Frank Gore despite two relatively disappointing seasons. It's also why Ryan Grant and Shonn Greene have limited upsides.

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