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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quote of the Day | February 24, 2009: Loyalty

From Nick Hornby's 1992 Fever Pitch:

I had discovered after the Swindon game that loyalty, at least in football terms, was not a moral choice like bravery or kindness; it was more like a wart or a hump, something you were stuck with. Marriages are nowhere near as rigid -- you won't catch any Arsenal fans slipping off to Tottenham for a bit of extra-martial slap and tickle, and though divorce is a possibility (you can just stop going if things get too bad), getting hitched again is out of the question. There have been many times over the last twenty-three years when I have pored over the small print of my contract looking for a way out, but there isn't one. Each humiliating defeat (Swindon, Tranmere, York, Walsall, Rotherham, Wrexham) must be borne with patience, fortitude and forbearance; there is simply nothing that can be done, and that is a realization that can make you simply squirm with frustration.

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Jesse said...

So true. I think all of us fans who aren't bandwagon fans, and who don't cheer for 4 different teams in the same league have been there. Which is part of the reason I hate the bandwagon fans and those with multiple teams... Though I suppose that they don't get anywhere near as much joy from their team-of-the-week winning as I do, but don't suffer as much as I do when the lose.

Chris Wesseling said...

If you grew up in Cincinnati in the early to mid 90s and had a brain that said "think for yourself", there's no way you could be a Bengals fan now.

If anybody thinks the Lions have it bad, they should take a look at the Bengals record over the last 19 years. What an absolute joke of a franchise.

Jesse said...

I'm a Vikings fan but I have a friend who is just about 40 who is a Bengals fan and he is a tormented soul to be sure.