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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sons of the Tundra Goes Mainstream

Rotoworld has my Dynasty Rankings up as a column on their website this week. Quarterbacks and Running Backs were put up late last night, and Wide Receivers/Tight Ends will be up late Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

3/20/08 EDIT: The WR/TE rankings won't be up on Rotoworld until next week. The rankings were originally supposed to be rolled out one position at a time on Tuesdays on Thursdays spread out over two weeks, so they have decided to hold off until Tuesday for WRs.

The rankings themselves won't be a regular (weekly) feature on Rotoworld simply because news and values don't change often enough during the off-season. But we may do this again after April's NFL draft and towards the end of the pre-season for Rotoworld's Season Preview package.


John Daniel said...

Congrats, Chris, that's awesome!

Just don't forget your humble beginnings over at the SP. ;)

Chad Ostlund said...

Nice work. I was reading it on there this morning and I thought it looked familiar. Makes sense now.

Chris Wesseling said...

Thanks guys. I appreciate it.

I definitely haven't forgotten the Shark Pool. In fact, I'd like to get that original thread started again. I keep getting PM's & e-mails from guys who used to participate or just follow along, but it seems nobody wants to be the first to get it started again.

I'm obviously more devoted to keeping this blog going, but I'm definitely interested in keeping discussion alive over there if there is a call for it.

This might be good opportunity to get it going again.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you...bad for me since the people in my dynasty league look at Rotoworld all the time. At least the point values aren't on there, so I'm happy about that.

Anonymous said...

Great Job Chris!
I love your rankings and depend on them!