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Monday, June 16, 2008

Luke Russert Recalls Father Tim

Wow! Fifteen minutes is an awfully long time to spend engrossed in an internet video, but this Today Show interview with Tim Russert's son Luke is well worth it. I'm simply staggered that a 22-year-old could show that much composure and a willingness to share and expound just days after his father's unexpected death. Not just that he didn't break down, or that he was so willing to answer the questions, but the ability to take a simple question and run with it, to share amusing and endearing stories about his father, to put everything into such a clear perspective, and to basically take control of the interview at his age. At risk of maudlin hyperbole, I'd say that 15 minutes just made me feel a little bit better about being human today.

Needless to say, we haven't see the last of Luke Russert -- there's no way he's not rising to the top in some profession or another.


Anonymous said...

Dear Chris:

Luke was incredible wasn't he?

We, Buffalo fans throughout the world, are mourning the loss of our favorite son Tim Russert. To honor Tim's memory I started a petitition to have his name added to the Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame.

Please sign it and pass it on.

I can see in my minds eye Tim smiling down from above when he receives this honor. Truly, he would be thrilled. Thank you!

Thank you for your consideration.


Dan McCormick

p.s. hey i'm the guy that keeps bothering about trading Maroney, Ronnie Brown etc. lol

Chris Wesseling said...

Hi Dan,
Great to hear from you . . . as always.

I've signed the petition and hopefully anybody reading this post will join in as well.

Good luck,

mike watson said...

as someone who lost his dad five years ago and had to muster every once of composure to deliver the eulogy, his presence in the interview is impressive--and i'd gladly sign that petition--i'm not as familiar with russerts work as some perhaps but the few times i've encountered it, it was quality goods...